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There are 14 nations. South America Country - Capital Argentina - Buenos Aires Bolivia - Sucre (seat of government at La Paz) Brazil - Bras

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Q: How many South American nations are there?
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When was Union of South American Nations created?

Union of South American Nations was created in 2008.

How did many south American nations end up with unlimated government after independence?

Many South American nations ended up with unlimited government after in dependence because the luv to suck balls

How many south American countries do not border the ocean?

Just two South American nations are landlocked: Bolivia and Paraguay.

How many nations in north and south America are currently member of the organizations of the American states?

How many nation in North and South Americin are currently member of the American states

What are 3 South American nations?

Brazil, Peru,Bolivia

How many nations are in South America?

there in 5000 nations live in south America . "Dr.Mohsen.tJafari" there are 5,000 nations that live through out south America

Which South American country does not have an army?

All South American nations have an army. Remember that South America only includes the nations of Brazil, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The continent does not include Central American or Caribbean nations.

What South American products did European nations profit?

I don't now ajajajajajajaja

What 3 south American nations lie on the equator?

Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil.

From what South American products did European nations profit?

Gold,Silver,and sugar

The official language of most South American nations?

Spanish with regional variations.

Who are Israel's allies?

Many countries, including: The United States and most of NATO, Singapore, several Sub-Saharan African Nations, several Latin American nations, and South Korea.

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