How many days does a car lot have to give you before they repossess your car?


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Usually no longer then a month


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They usually repossess when you miss two or three payments. They seldom repossess if you've just missed one.

As soon as you have defaulted on the loan, a creditor can repossess your car. So 24 hours after you have failed to pay, they can repossess your vehicle without notifying you.

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The limit is in the contract you signed. It likely says that when you are in default the lender can repossess. That means anytime you are behind at all... even one day, although most places wouldn't do that. They would rather get the payment rather than go to the trouble to repossess.

That's dependent on the conditions of your loan. Realistically, they can legally repossess it after one payment is missed, if those terms are stated on the conditions of the loan.

Legally, only one. But your contract will tell you more.

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by law they can repossess your car if you are 1 day late. However, your best option is to get professional help.

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