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As long as you are alive you are already burning calories. And the more physically active you are - the more you use your muscles - the more calories you burn. So how far you have to run depends on how many calories you are aiming to burn.

Me, I'll use up about 1000 cals on a 6-mile run.


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The number of calories you burn when you run varies. Some people can burn 500 calories running 5 miles, so to burn 3,000, you need to run 30 miles.

you need to do 51.6 miles to burn it of

1 mile = 100 calories 4 miles = 400 calories 4 miles = 6.43737 kilometers

The amount of calories burnt from running are determined by weight of runner and running speed. Typically running for two miles will burn 200 calories.

I weigh 175 pounds. I usually run for 3 miles at my local gym and can burn 475-500 calories easy if I spend the full 3 miles running.

well, since you have to burn 3000 calories to lose 1 lb of fat, you have to calculate how many calories you burn per mile. On average, it is around 150 calories.

Depending on your weight and the speed at which you run, the number of calories burned will vary. On average, if you weigh 180 lbs and run 8 minute miles, you will burn about 350 calories in 20 minutes.

Depends on your weight, between 8 and 10 for most people.

That would depend on the intensity of the run and your metabolic rate (how fast you burn calories). On average however, if you run one mile every 10 minutes, with no breaks, you should burn about 2,300 calories.

It depends on your weight. It should be about 600 Calories per 130 pounds you weigh.

most people burn around 70-90 calories through running one mile. Depending on your fitness, 11-14 miles.

you burn nothing cause your fat

I depends on how fast you run and miles per hour u are running..

About 2.2 miles. Just done it myself.

it depends on how fast you are running, but at a speed like 6 mph you would probably have to run 10.9 maybe 11 miles

It depends on how fast you run.

it depends on how fast you run...

it matters how many sit ups you do. like if you run a mile you burn 100 calories

it depends on what you do if you run you burn 100 calories per mile

if you can burn 300 calories after running for 20 minutes then you can probably run 50 to 51 minutes to burn 640 calories

If you want to burn many calories then run a mile every day. You can also register a elliptical machine and run while watching television.

i run 7km in 40 minutes and i usually burn 500 calories or thereabouts. hope that helps. krups

Depends on your speed if you run an 8 min. mile you will burn 60 calories

How many calories will u burn if u run up a flight of stairs? Answer: close to 300 calories u will burn

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