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Q: How many supermarkets in Australia?
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Related questions

How many stores does Liquourland have in Australia?

Liquorland Australia currently has 629 stores in Australia. Many of these are standalone shops, however some are within existing Coles Supermarkets, and 95 hotels.

Do supermarkets have organic food?

yes, many supermarkets do.

Where to buy borax in western Australia?

Borax is commonly available in most decent supermarkets.

Does sainsburys supermarkets deliver to Australia?

I seriously doubt they would - given the distance and cost !

How many supermarkets are there in Qatar?

Tons of supermarkets and hypermarkets, and hundreds of cheap restaurants.

Are there any supermarkets in the world that sell cars?

There are many 'supermarkets' dedicated to selling cars in quite a few places around the world. There exists many such supermarkets within the United Kingdom.

Does New Zealand export feijoa to Australia?

yes we have had nz feijoas in our supermarkets here in townsville

Can you buy Kraft Easy Cheese in Australia?

Yes. Check in major supermarkets such as Coles or Woolworths.

Are there any red wines that are non alcoholic?

Yes im from australia and our local supermarkets sell them.

How do people in Australia get groceries?

People in Australia buy their groceries from any of a number of supermarkets or other shops. The most common are Woolworths, Coles and IGA. In addition there are stores like Spar and Foodworks, while there are also numerous corner shops, There are also foreign-owned supermarkets like Aldi.

Is Christmas a significant holiday in Australia?

Yes. Christmas is a significant holiday. For many, it has religious significance, and for others it is a great family time, especially since most people have the day off work. It is one of about 5 holidays in Australia when supermarkets do not open at all.

Is canned Fray Bentos Corned Beef banned in Australia?

No, it is not banned and can be found is most large supermarkets in Australia, as can the other flavours of fray bentos canned meals.

How many Ralphs supermarkets in Puerto Rico?


Where and how much are condoms in Australia?

condoms are available at most supermarkets and servo toilets for about $6 for 12 or at servos $1 each

Is kangaroo a favorite food in Australia?

No. It is, however, readily available in many supermarkets and butchers. It is apparently a strong-tasting meat and probably an acquired taste. Being a very lean meat, it is healthier than meat from standard livestock - but that still does not yet make it a "favourite" food in Australia.

How many supermarkets does asda have in the world?

There are 523 Asda supermarkets (August 2011), all of which are located in the UK. Asda is owned by Walmart, an American company that has 8,970 supermarkets worldwide.

What country is Weis ice cream sold in?

Weis ice cream is sold in Australia. It was originally made in Queensland in 1957. It is sold in convenience stores, gas stations, and supermarkets throughout Australia.

How many darrell lea stores in Australia?

None. The company filed for banruptcy in July 2012 and all of their retail stores were closed. Now the company has new owners and their products are sold in some chemists and supermarkets.

Opening and closing times for supermarkets in Australia?

woolworths opens at like 6 or 7am and shuts at 10pm or midnight depends on the days!!!!

What are the disadvantages of supermarkets?

The spread of supermarkets has impacted on the small retailer i.e. the local butcher, green grocer etc. Many high street shops lose out to the "one stop shop" process imposed by supermarkets.

What are the examples of supermarkets?

example of supermarkets

How many Kroger supermarkets are in Dayton Ohio?


In Australia do they eat kangaroos?

Whilst kangaroo meat is not yet accepted as everyday fare, special cuts of kangaroo meat are available from many butchers and supermarkets. Many Australian have yet to venture into sampling it, but evidently the demand is there, or else it would not be so readily available.

What supermarkets have an in store pharmacy?

Many supermarkets such as Albertson's, Smith's, Savemart, and Hannaford, have in-store pharmacies that you can use for your convenience! You can shop while you wait for you prescription.

What are some locations of PetSupermarket?

Pet Supermarkets have many different locations throughout the United States. You can log on to Pet Supermarkets website where they have a store locator.