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Pregnancy is not a remedy for blindness. You need an ophthalmologist, not an OB/GYN. when i was 7weeks pregnant i had to have a vaginal ultrasound cause i was having complications and it kind of looked like a bean image but when you are 15 to 18 weeks they sometimes can tell the gender of the baby

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Can you be 6 weeks pregnant and showing?

No you cannot be 6 weeks pregnant and showing. You must be further in than that.

How many week are you pregnant?

To know for certain how many weeks pregnant you are, you must visit a doctor. You can estimate how many weeks by knowing when your last period was and counting from there. Some keep track and know when the specific date of conception was.

How many weeks pregnant must you be to see a baby by ultrasound?

This really depends on the person, because everybody is different. Some people can see a small gestational sac at 4 or 5 weeks, while others dont see anything at all until 6 or 7. However, some people do see a small fetal pole at 5 or 6 weeks pregnant.

What does a pregnant person must not drink?

Alcohol, energy drinks, anything out of date,

How many months pregnant must you be before determining the sex?

The genitalia do not start to differentiate until around 17 weeks which is why anomaly scans are carried out at around 18-19 weeks, about 4 and half months.

Is it OK to travel by air when you are 34 weeks pregnant?

It would be inadvisable to travel as heavily pregnant as 34 weeks. The safest time to travel during pregnancy is the second trimester (12 - 24 weeks). Any woman over 28 weeks pregnant must be carrying a note from a doctor or midwife explaining that the pregnancy is normal and that you are very healthy and fit to fly. It must also have your expected due date stated on it. If you are expecting twins and/or suffer from diabetes, it is inadvisable to travel at any stage of pregnancy.

How many weeks must a person work before collecting unemployment benefits?

26 weeks

Im 8 weeks pregnant and i have pains in stomach is this normal?

It may be normal, but you MUST check it out with your doctor -- call today!

Are you pregnant if your period keep coming on 2 weeks early in 3 months and always tired and sleepy?

No...its not that...must be cancer.

What are the laws about hiring a pregnant female in Arizona?

No employer can descriminate against a woman for being pregnant, however, they must allow 6 weeks leave when the baby is born (paid, I believe).

How many weeks is 6 months?

Seeing that there are 12 months in a year and 52 weeks in a year, then there must be half of 52 weeks in 6 months. My maths makes that 26 weeks.

Can someone get pregnant without dipfloration?

You can get pregnant with this but you must of receive eggs from someone. Many doctors can help you with this entire though process.

Is it normal to have a very achy back at only 3-4 weeks pregnant?

I guess it must be, I had it with my last two pregnancies, and some cramping in the front.

Many students mistakenly believe that anything that appears in print must be a fact Especially in textbooks?

Many students mistakenly believes that anything that appears in print, especially in textbooks, must be a fact.

At what stage in pregnancy can you detect a heartbeat with a scan?

I was told that they can not detect a heart beat before 6 weeks old with a scan. therefore you must be at least 6 weeks pregnant before the scan will pick up the heart beat.

How many day are in 34 weeks?

For this calculation, you must do the following: 34 weeks X 7 days a week = 34 X 7 = 238. There are 238 days in 34 weeks.

Im almost 3 weeks delayed and I got breast soreness what could it be?

Go for a pregnancy test!! If u're not pregnant, go to the Gynae, must be hormones problem

What are the chances of getting pregnant if there was no semen. I got my period 5 days later had an ultrasound about 5 weeks after the last time i had sex and took 3pt's which where neg?

is it too early to tell wit an ultrasound at 5 weeks?and when can a gyno feel that you are pregnant with a pelvic exam?To get pregnant the male must ejaculate into the girl. There is no chance of pregnancy unless sperm gets to the woman's egg.

How many weeks to film the bachelor?

Well since they fall in love, it must be a few years. Afterall, who would propose after only a few weeks?

I am 23 weeks pregnant and am measuring small and not really showing this is my 2nd do you think my baby is ok?

If you are 23 weeks AOG, fundal height must be around 30 cm. Your baby might be SGA or having intrauterine growth retardation.

Can you get pregnant from wiping a wet wash cloth on your privates?

There must be penetration in order for the sperm to make it to the eggs. You will not get pregnant however there is still a chance of STD's. Please get yourself checked out and be careful of anything you put on your skin

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend had traumatic brain injury was in a coma for 1 12 weeks?

That depends. Did you have sex before or after his coma? During??!! You must have sex while you are ovulating to get pregnant. His head injury does not prevent him from making and delivering sperm to you during sex.

The Professor must post grades within how many weeks after the course ends?

7 days

How do you punctuate Many students mistakenly believe that anything that appears in print must be a fact Especially in textbooks?

Many students mistakenly believe that anything that appears in print must be a fact, especially in text books.

Could you be pregnant when you are late for 2 weeks but the pregnancy test shows negative result. but you do not show any symptoms of pregnancy. what are the chances?

Period can be delayed for so many reason. However, it does happen during the first few weeks of pregnancy that a woman just simply cannot feel anything yet...If you had unprotected sex and you would keep the baby just wait few more days and re-test. If it is still negative wait until your next period is due and test again. Until then, behave as If you were pregnant,don't drink alcohol,etc... If you would not keep the baby see your doctor Straight away,as you may be 6 weeks pregnant by now... However if you have the chance just see a doctor in any case....and have a blood test the same time I must tell you that my period was 9 days late last month and it is always working as clockwork,I did 7 tests,all negative,and guess what I was not pregnant....anything is possible...