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A lot more than many people think, but it varies greatly, especially based on location, width, and underlayment needed.In 2008 in Pittsburgh it cost an average of $338,000 per mile to REpave city streets. (Usually 24 ft wide streets). That's an average of $64 per running foot.

I had hoped to reduce road costs to terms of "labor man years per mile". This was to see how road construction costs had changed over the decades. (In this method, average total costs per mile are divided by the common labor wage per hour at the time to give man-hrs per mile. Then divide by 2000 [man-hrs per year] to get man-yrs/mile)

In 1898 in Massachusetts, it cost an average of $5700/mile for 16 ft wide macadamized road. With labor running at about $0.10/hr that's 28.5 man-yrs per mile.
In 1908 (an average over about 20 states) it cost about $8870/mile for PAVED road.
Converted to man-yrs/mile, that's about 40.3 .

In Clark County Pennsylvania in 2002 it cost about $303,000/mile to replace the underlayment in macadamized roads (put in better base rock). Assuming labor rates at about $12/hr, that becomes 12.6 man-yrs per mile. (Sounds suspect to me)

I would appreciate better numbers myself (especially for 24 ft wide paved roads).

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Q: How much does it cost to build a paved road?
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