How much have taxpayers been billed by all the vacation trips the Obama's have taken since January 2009?

The numbers are not all in yet, but taxpayers have been billed huge amounts for all of the vacation trips the Obamas have taken since January 2009. The bill for 2011 alone was $1.4 billion, and a single trip to Hawaii -- the Obamas go every year -- costs about $4 million. It looks like 2013 will cost the taxpayers even more than 2011, with trips to Africa, Martha's Vineyard, Hawaii and more.

It should be noted however that any holiday by ANY president will always necessarily be hugely expensive, and not by any doing of the President himself. Airtravel can never be made by regular airliner but is for security reasons always made with Air Force 1, which is by itself the most expensive plane ever. Cars cannot for security reasons be rented locally, but specially designed an secure cars weighing a few tonnes each have to be taken wherever he goes. And his holiday destinations have to be turned into Executive Headquarters and be heavily guarded and when necessary, adapted. Of course he has to have a great number of staff to travel with him (also counted as "the President's" travel costs) , because the business of governing goes on and God forbid that a crisis should happen while he was away and alone with his family. And the list goes on.