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How much is it to fix your transmission?

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i dont know what type of transmission you have but i had mine done in a 1999 Dodge Caravan with overdrive and it cost me 1200.00 dollars. that depends what is wrong with it but a Ford pickup transmission will cost about 2000 dollars, Dodge and chev are higher

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How do you change transmission line?

how to fix a transmission without taking it a part how to fix a transmission line

How can I fix my transmission?

The best and cheapest way to fix your transmission is to take it to your nearest auto shop and first of all, make sure that it is your transmission that is dying on you, and then ask them to fix it.

98 Dodge Neon Automatic shifts gears late what could be the problem and how much to fix?

check transmission fluid then go to transmission mechanic. problem may be in computer and be a simple fix

How much does it cost to fix a transmission?

The cost of the repair of a transmission depends on the what is wrong with it. It could range from about $100 to several thousand if it needs to be replaced.

How do you fix the automatic transmission on a Dodge Stratus 2000?

You have to know whats wrong with the transmission before you can fix it.

How do you fix auto transmission on eunos 30x?

how to fix auto transmission on eunos 30x . no reverse or neutral..

How much to fix 2002 ford escort transmission line to shifter?

go ask a mechanic

How do you fix a loose transmission dip stick on 2000 civic?

Buy a new one! save a transmission. best fix...

How much would it cost to fix a transmission on 2003 Mountaineer if can't go in reverse?

I had my transmission rebuilt on my 2004 Mountaineer. I believe it cost around $1800

Why does the transmission shifter lock how can it be fix?

install transmission shifter assembly

How do you remove a transmission on a Dodge Dakota?

how do you fix transmission on a dodge ddakota

How do you fix a 2002 ford explorer transmission?

take it to a transmission shop

How do you fix the gears in the cv joint if it dropped in the transmission?

The transmission will have to be disassembled.

How to fix the transmission on a xc90?

Depends on the transmission and year. 5 or 6 cylinder? What is the problem with the transmission?

How do you fix a transmission leak on a 2000 Ford Taurus?

That's not telling us much ! - It depends WHERE exactly it leaks from .

Can Lucas transmission fix be used where engine and transmission share the same oil like a Honda ATC?

Keeping in mind that the same oil services both engine and transmission, honestly, I don't believe that the Lucas fix will fix your problem.

82 Chevy caprise transmission won't go how to fix?

Replace transmission

1990 mercury marquis transmission slipping in overdrive how can it fix?

my 1990 mercury marquis transmission is slipping in overdrive what do i need to look for and how can i fix it

How much does it cost to fix a leaking transmission?

This depends on a lot of things. What kind of car it is, what kind of transmission, what seal or gasket is bad, give us something to work with here.

How do you fix the pressure problem on a car when the car is jerking while shifting gears?

If it is a transmission problem, the best thing you can do is have the transmission rebuilt. That will fix the problem and prevent any further damage to the transmission.

How can I fix a standard transmission leak on a 1993 ford f250?

To fix a standard transmission leak on a 1993 Ford F250, simply take it to a mechanic.

How to fix leak in front of manual transmission?

Remove transmission and replace front seal.

How do you fix a transmission code 1744 on a 1997 Mazda 626?

Take it to a transmission shop

Ford explorer sport track transmission delayed engagement?

It is most likely a transmission slip, there is not much you can do to fix it your best bet is Lucas Stop Leak. While your transmission isn't leaking this will lessen the slip a bit. You will have to consider replacing the transmission after this one goes.

Where do you put in the transmission fluid on a 1989 Areostar?