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In the US, you have to be 125% above the current poverty line. Look at uscis.govhomepage and you will find all the answers to all your Immigration questions. In Canada, there is no income requirement. Even if there is no income requirement for you to sponsor your partner/spouse, your application may be refused in case you are on public assistance, or welfare, for other reasons than a disability.

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Q: How much money does a sponsor need to sponsor a spouse?
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Can a spouse be a sponsor for confirmation?

Confirmation, as a sacrament does not strictly require a sponsor, as say baptism does. Thus there are no hard and fast rules for who can be a confirmation sponsor, this is up to each individual bishop, you would need to check with your pastor.

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They need to close the estate. This is much easier when the spouse inherits everything.

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How much income you need to sponsor parents to US?

$35000 for 1 person

Do you need a degree to be a financial advisor if not does it cost money to become one if you are employed by a firm.?

No, you do not need a degree. Yes, it does cost money. In fact, in many cases you need a firm to sponsor your application.

Can you marry an immigrant even if you don't make enough money to sponsor them?

Yes. You can marry anyone you please. It may not make sense. You may need to travel half way around the world to visit your spouse but nothing can prevent the two of you from getting married.

You feel like your spouse thinks that you are using him for his money?

hi, if your spouse feels like he is using you for money first thing you need to ask is if its true or not. then if it isn't you should tell them how you feel and "if you do not allready" don't do anything expensive for awhil. show them you don't need money. :)

Can you be a confirmation sponsor if you are not confirmed?

No, you would need to be confirmed to be a sponsor.

How old do you have to be to sponsor at the ASPCA?

You need to be eighteen, but some places have junior volunteer programs. You can donate money if you are younger.

When making your confirmation does your sponsor need to be a catholic?

Not only does the sponsor need to be a Catholic, but the sponsor needs to be over the age of 16, Confirmed themselves, and PRACTICING Catholicism.

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How much money do you need to start a boutique?

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I married a citizen he didn't make enough money last year he does now but they ask for last income tax I need a cosponsor but I don't have one Is there any way to file for the GC without the cosponsor?

I don't know the answer but I was told that if you want a sponsor then he/she has to make enough money to do so or look for a co-sponsor and that come to My QUESTION does anyone know if the co-sponsor have to live in the same state as the sponsor and beneficiary?

Can an immigrant get another sponsor while in US?

An immigrant can get another sponsor if the sponsor if the immigrant is on H1B. But the new sponsor need to file a new H1B for the immigrant.

Do you need to pay for sponsor?

no, a sponsor pays for your talent. you dont pay them anything but you do have to advertise

What do you need in confirmation?

Really all you need is a sponsor!

I am a pro golfer and I need a sponsor. Does anyone know of someone that would like to sponsor me?

try state farm they might sponsor you

Can I get a sponsor to pay for my book to be publish?

Man! I have a like question. I need a sponsor for book signings.

Can you get Canadian citizenship through marriage?

Yes, you can get Canadian citizenship through marriage. However, easier said than done. It is not automatic. Marriage will allow the non-Canadian spouse to obtain permanent residency. After 3 years of basic residence/and or physical presence in Canada can apply for citizenship. Everyone needs to satisfy this requirement, which provides the same rights and benefits as citizens except one cannot vote. The Canadian spouse will need to sponsor the non-Canadian, where he/she will need to prove that he/she makes enough money which will allow him/her to support the spouse. Also need to sign a statement that no welfare will be claimed. This remains applicable for 3 years, until the landed immigrant spouse becomes eligible for citizenship.

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Do you need a sponsor for Private Protection Services?


Do you need a sponsor for First Communion?

No. Although at the service the parents usually go up to Communion with the First Communicant. You only need a sponsor for Confirmation.

If you owe money and the spouse of that person said dont worry about it do still owe the money?

If the debt is in writing and you only have a verbal clearance of it, then I would suggest that the debt is still owed. The spouse might not have the authority to write off the debt. You need to get the spouse or the person owed to sign a document to the effect that the debt is no longer outstanding.