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There is good maintenance that should be performed on engines. Changing plugs, wires, throttle bore cleaning, air induction service, fuel injector service, air filter, pcv replacement etc. I do not believe in oil flushing. If you change your oil regularly at 3000 miles or 3 months, you should have no need to flush. If the oil is getting dark too quick, then change it more often. Putting things where they don't belong causes trouble...Ask Micheal Jackson. 77,000 miles is not a lot of miles on an engine these days, if it is properly maintained. If you have a voice telling you to do something nice for your engine and just can't control it, then switch to mobil 1 synthetic oil, but don't switch back and forth.

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Q: How much oil do you use to flush the engine?
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How do you flush a car engine?

First buy a can of flush to put in your engine oil. then run your engine for a few days to get hot and breakdown the sludge and varnish inside the engine. Change the engine oil while it is hot and refill with good quality oil. I always use castrol synthetic as a personal preference.

Which tool can you use to measure how much oil to add to a car engine?

The engine dipstick is the only tool you can use to measure how much oil is in the engine.

Can you use vegetable cooking oil mixed with petrol as an engine flush?

I wouldn't recommend it. Vegetable cooking oil is for cooking not for lubrication.

What is the engine oil used for 1998 Mitsubishi lancer?

in austrailia hot enviro and temp , use 20w50 sl and 300 ml moly engine oil treatment, flush old engine oil first for 15 minutes.

Reason for sludge formation in diesel engine?

Engine sludge formation includes, lack of proper maintenance, inappropriate oil temperature, use of an inferior engine oil, and engine oil contamination. You can try flushing it out with an oil flush additive but often times this does more harm than good.

Can you damange radiator or engine by flush?

You will not damage the engine but you can damage the radiator if you use any high pressure. If you only flush and apply no pressure you will do no damage. Use a chemical flush and a water hose and you will be safe.

Can you use gas engine oil in a diesel engine?

No you can not use gas engine oil in diesel engine oil because processing of diesel engine is different from gas engine oil. If you use this then it damage your vehicles.

Is an engine flush the same thing as a transmission flush?

No they are completely different. A engine flush will only clean the engine a transmission flush will only clean the transmission. These two components use two different kinds on fluid therefor they can not be mixed together.

How much oil does a car use a year?

Depends on how worn the engine is. An engine in good condition won't hardly use any oil at all, maybe a cup or so, while there's virtually no limit to how much oil a worn engine can consume.

Can you use diesel to flush out your old oil in your engine before oil change?

I wouldn't do that because, although it may well dissolve a lot of the impurities it's not nearly as good a lubricant as the oil and the bearings would not like it. You'd be better not to use anything. What gain do you think you are going to get from flushing? I called advance auto parts and auto zone. Both persons I spoke with said diesel fuel to flush engine works better than any engine flush they have. Just idle for 5-10 minutes. Don't drive it though until after oil change.

Is gear box oil and engine oil different?

Yes, use exactly what the manufacture recommends in the engine and gearbox. gearbox oil is normally a much heavier weight of oil.

Engine oil to use for wagon?

the engine oil to use is 5-w20

What happens if you use too much oil?

It can cause engine damage.

Why are my lifters tapping after flood water was drained from the engine and the oil has been changed?

u need to flush engineuse right viscocity oilfrom flood water in engine you have some debri left in engine that is not allowing lifters to seat properlyprobably still have some water in lifters

Why does civic use so much oil?

Either it is leaking out of the engine, or the piston rings/ valve seals are shot and the engine is burning oil.

Can you use diesel oil in gasoline engine?

NO, do not use diesel oil and a gasoline engine.

what is a good engine oil to use in my car?

what is a good engine oil to use in my car

Why is your engine oil still black when you check it if you just did an oil change?

The Crank Case is dirty. Use a good Crank Case cleaner to solve problem like Motor Medic Motor Flush. Warm engine 5 minutes and let clean out for 5 to 7 minutes. Then drain and use fresh oil.

What oil do you use in a Nissan largo?

You can use any SAE certified engine oil in your Nissan. The engine oil should be a 10W-30 weight engine oil.

How much water do you use when you flush the chain?

In a modern toilet you use 13 litres per flush.

What do you use to flush my engine when you have not changed the oil in a while?

get a few paper towelsA useful answer:The best way is to just change the oil and change it again 1/4 the recommended period. Call it 1000 miles. The new oil will pick up all the crud and a quick oil change like this will do as much good as nasty chemicals with out the risk of damaging your engine.Some engines will be ruined by chemical flushes!

Does an L-2 Saturn need an engine flush?

No more so than any other engine. Other than break-in oil, my Saturn has never seen anything except synthetic oil. As such there is no possibility of paraffin (sludge) buildup inside the engine. If the engine does not have more than 50,000 miles on it I would consider changing to synthetic oil and don't worry about the flush. I wouldn't anyway. The simple fact is, it's a machine that the dealers have purchased and they want to see if they can get people to actually pay big bucks to use it. The value is marginal especially since the flush does nothing for the surfaces which may actually build engine sludge. For the most part, I agree with Redbeard. Synthetic is the way to go in the initial 50,000 miles anyway. I would never do an engine flush. Generally, the sludge that is freed up (from lack of maintenance) is dropped to the oil pan, which in turn is picked by the oil pump-stopping lubrication.

Why should you use the correct oil in the engine?

Common sense. Use the incorrect oil and you will damage the engine.

How much oil does a 2000 S430 engine use?

8.5 Quarts of 0w40 or 5w40

Can you use regular engine oil in a Honda crf80 motorcycle engine?

No, you cannot use ordinary car engine oil. Use a JASO MA or MA2 approved oil, or SAE SF or SG graded oil.