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Prices can vary from $700 and up. A less expensive alternative is to get a replacment kit. The clutch usually can slide out from the side. I would recomend that if you do it yourself you have a mechanic go over your work.

I have a manual transmission on my 1995 Corolla, and parts and labor came to under $365. My mechanic did tell me he gave me a big bargain, though--it took longer than he'd thought originally. I live in Boston (high cost) but have a mechanic who knows I just want to keep my car running (low cost!).

Changing clutch'es on standard cars are a tricky business. There are aftermarket parts out there or you could stick with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts which give u a better fit. I asked around for the parts namely the 1. cluth disc, 2. clutch plate/cover, 3. release berring. After market clutch costs about $175Can. and OEM from Toyota costs to about $350can. i just recently did my clutch oct/05.

I bought the OEM clutch kit(w/c includes all those three),though some cars need pilot berrings but our cars don't need it, from Toyota which is good coz my buddy at work told me that he did a lot of aftermarket clutches on cars and the same cars keep on coming back or had problems(by the way my buddy's a certified mechanic) and I'm apprenticing.

So me and my buddy did most of the labour(w/c would have costed me $700can, 7hrs. in labour X $100). so shop around see where its cheaper to get it done but with good worksmanship.

Ferdie, Toronto, Canada

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Q: How much will it cost to replace a clutch on a 1995 Toyota corolla?
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