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How often does a Star Alliance member aircraft take off or land?

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Never. oneworld is better with more flights.

Now way, Star Alliance is the biggest & best alliance. They have much more flights! Check them out, Google it or look on Wikipedia.

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Is cathay pacific a member of the Star Alliance?

No cathay is not part star alliance its member of One World Alliance

Is KL Royal Dutch airline a star alliance member or partner?

KLM is neither a Star Alliance member or partner. It is however a member of the SkyTeam airline alliance.

Is air France member of star alliance?

No, Air France is a member of the SkyTeam alliance.

Is mexicana a member of star alliance?

Mexicana stopped operating in August 2010. Previously, it was a member of Star Alliance from 2000 to 2004. It was also briefly a member of Oneworld Alliance before going out of business.

Is Tam airline a member of the Star Alliance?

It is.

Is Cathay Pacific part of star alliance?

No it is a founding member of the oneworld alliance!

How many aircraft are currently in service for star alliance carriers?


Is Korean airlines a member of the star alliance group?


Is qatar airlines a member of star alliance?

No it is not. Very shortly it will be part of the OneWorld alliance.

Is Delta part of the star alliance?

No Delta is not part of the Star Alliance and never has been. Delta was a founding member of SkyTeam.

Was Delta Airlines a member of Star Alliance?

No, Delta was a founding member of SkyTeam.

Is American Airlines a partner with Lufthansa?

No, Lufthansa's American partner is JetBlue Airlines

Is Delta Airlines a member of the Star Alliance?

No, Delta Airlines is not part of the star alliance but it is part of the second largest airline alliance called Sky Team which was founded in,2000 by Aeroméxico, Air France, Delta Air Lines, and Korean on June 22.

How many miles did Star Alliance member carriers fly on May 14 1997?

more than5000miles

How many miles were the Star Alliance member carriers scheduled to fly on 14th May 2007?

10 ..... yarrr

How many countries do star alliance member carriers fly to?

155 source: Staralliance Star Alliance - "The way the Earth connects" Creating the future of air travel today

Is El Al Airways part of star alliance?

No El Al is not part of Star Alliance.

How many members are in star alliance?

There are 27 full member airlines with 5 pending. See the related link for more information.

What is the best airline alliance?

The "Star Alliance." Airlines such as Lufthansa, Singapore, and Continental are in this alliance.

Does Delta partner with Lufthansa airlines for frequent flier points?

No, Lufthansa is in a separate family of airlines called the Star Alliance. The main U.S. member of this the Star Alliance are U.S. Airways and United. Delta, on the other hand is part of the SkyTeam rewards partnership. Full List of Star Alliance Members: see related link Full List of SkyTeam Members: see related link

Does Egyptair share frequent air miles US Airways?

EGYPTAIR is a partner in the Star Alliance network, of which US Airways is also a member.

How to register for star alliance miles?

To get star alliance miles sign up to one of the airlines frequent flyer program's i.e Singapore air's Kris flyer. Once you have done this you will get miles for any eligible star alliance flight and can redeem points on any star alliance airline.

Is british airlines a star alliance member?

British Airways is a Founder Member of oneworld Alliance. Five airlines from four continents - American Airlines, British Airways, Canadian Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Qantas - gathered in a ceremony in London, United Kingdom, on 21 September 1998 to officially unveil a new global airline alliance, named Oneworld.

Is Singapore air affiliated with US frequent flyer programs?

Singapore is a member of Star Alliance. Its U.S. members include United Airlines and U.S. Airways. U.S. Airways may not remain a member, since it is merging with American Airlines, but United will. Members of any Star Alliance frequent flyer program can earn miles for flights on any member's flights and can redeem miles/points for flights with any member.

What is the address of the star alliance?

The address of Star Alliance in Germany is Frankfurt Airport D-60547 Frankfurt am Main at the Frankfurt Airport. The contact number for Star Alliance is 1-805-372-4636 from within Germany.