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How old do you have to be to work in a impound lot?


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Contact the impound lot or police dept to find out what to do.

private property impound - possibly due to parked in a private lot

Depending on what your state laws are, the impound lot will auction your car to try to pay the storage bill.

Whatever the lot charges. Most impound lots are private lots under contract. This, fees will vary.

That depends on the rates charged by the impound lot.

Depends on how long it's been impounded, which agency or private company is running the impound lot, and whether or not you'll need to have it towed out of impound (e.g., if your registration is expired, you won't be allowed to drive it out).

Leave it. The impound lot will probably sell it if you, the owner, don't retrieve it in a certain amount of days. (They won't come looking for you) I had a college friend whose car broke down at a 7-11 store, they towed it, he just bought another vehicle and was glad to be rid of the old one!

IF... you can PROVE the items were in the car when the impound lot stored it, they are. Good luck.

Assuming we are talking about a police impound lot, it will depend on the laws of your state. When a police officer stops a car in your state, whatever paperwork he will ask for during the stop is the same that you will need to show to the impound attendant to get your car back.

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Whatever the terms of the impound lot is.

in the impound lot a 1967 Hemi GTX convertible

Impound will sell your car after the impound fees are higher than the value of the vehicle.

The easiest method is to call the impound lot in the jurisdiction where the vehicle was last located.

Call the police department non emergency phone number for the city where it was towed from.

No. You'll need a current registration or a title.

Depending on where your car was towed and by who. Some go to Auto Body shops, some go straight to the police impound lot, some go to the tow truck company impound lot.gsweeneygirl adds:It may also go to your parnets then returned to you when you get better.

Many jurisdictions such as the cities of Chicago and New York have strict parking ordinances. When these ordinances are violated, or a series of unpaid tickets exist, a tow truck is dispatched to hook the vehicle and take it to impound. Impound is a lot where vehicles are locked and kept until the unpaid balance of tickets and fees is paid.

The vehicle will likely be impounded to the police impound lot, where it will be kept under security until the impound fee is paid. The vehicle also may be searched, if the police obtain a warrant, or if state law permits.

That depends on why it was impounded. At minimum, you'll have to go to the impound lot and pay the impound fee. There's probably a towing fee as well. There may in some circumstances be a police hold on the vehicle, meaning you'll have to bring proof that you've cleared up whatever that is. The first step would be to call the impound lot and ask them what you, personally, specifically need to do to get your specific car back, and then do whatever they tell you.

ZERO. They usually bag and tag upon arrival at the lot or impound facility.

If you live in Detroit, they will cause that car to disapear, and never be seen again.

You leave the stolen car at the police impound lot!

First of all there is no say that you will get your car back. the only way you might be able to get your car back is if you check all of the impound lots for your car. or if you bought your car after being pulled over or used a boss card. if not in the car lot it has already been sold at an auction.

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