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How old does a child have to be in Kansas to decide which parent they want to live with?


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There is no age at which a minor may choose with whom they wish to live.

A judge will sometimes speak with a child who is mature enough to comprehend the circumstances concerning how said child feels about their current school, neighborhood, friends, and so forth.

Custodial decisions are always based on what is in the best interest of the child or children and not on the preferences of any of the involved parties.


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"Washington How old do you have to be to decide which parent you want to live when the child is 13?

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i had to be 13 when i could decide which parent i wanted to live with

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the legal age a child has to be to decide what parent they would choose to live with is 13

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In West Virginia, a child can decide which parent they want to live with when they are 18.

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