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How to Adjust 2001 sienna rear drum brakes?

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2010-09-15 23:26:55
2010-09-15 23:26:55

If you have drum brakes, you need to remove the drums and adjust the star wheel that expands the rear shoes, compensating for wear. On my van, I adjust them whenever I rotate the tires. To remove the drums, you may need a pair of metric bolts that fit the jacking holes that are drilled and tapped in the drums. By removing the drums, you can inspect the brake shoes for wear and replace when necessary.

You can also adjust the rear shoes via the adjustment holes in the rear brake mounting plates. Remove the wheels and secure on jack stands. Make sure to chock the front wheels, as you will have to disengage the parking brake to test brake tension. with a small screw driver the adjust the star wheel, located directly under the caliper piston housing. Tighten it until the first sign of drag on the drums.

There has been some discussion that the drums will self adjust when backing and applying the brakes. Also I have seen mention that applying the parking brake 5 times in succession will cause self adjustment. I apply the parking brake every time I leave the car, and I back out of the driveway and brake every time I leave the house, however, every time I have replaced front pads the rears need major adjustment.

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if your van has rear drum brakes, adjust them up until there is a slight drag on the brakes. this usually does the trick to tighten up the parking brake.

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A 1996 camaro has the same DISK brakes as a 2001. It does not have drum brakes.

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Yes, of course you can adjust the rear drum brakes. They should be self adjusting. Every time you back up and apply the brakes they should adjust themselves. If that is not working, look for a small rubber plug on the back of the backing plate. Remove that plug and with a brake adjustment tool, you can adjust the brakes. Search Google for the proper procedure to adjust drum brakes.

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Discs in the front and drums in the back.

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Disk brakes adjust themselves as they wear. Drum brakes have an automatic adjustment built into the brake system. When you back up and stop they automatically adjust themselves. If you remove the drum you will see the adjustment mechanism.

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