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Removing a battery from a Beetle is a bit complex and tricky. I just changed the battery in a 2003 2.0 Beetle. However, the process is very similar in a TDI Beetle. You will need more than your standard generic tool set in order to complete this task. Your tool list needs to consist of a pair of pliers (prefer locking type), a # 20 TORX head screwdriver (You will also need this if you ever plan on changing the Beetle's internal dash pollen filter for the A/C. ), a 10 mm and 13 mm sockets, a long extension and a wobble or universal to allow flexibility in tight spaces, an Allen socket for removing the Power Steering reservoir, and a small adjustable wrench or a 10mm to remove the battery cables. If you are changing the battery you might as well buy a new Air filter since you will need to remove the air box in order to replace the battery. If you do change the air filter you will need a Phillips head screwdriver.

1. Pop the hood.

2. Remove the two 10 mm bolts that hold down the air filter box.

3. Undo the clamp that holds the large tubing to the air box using your pliers. Move the tubing away from the box.

4. Unclip hose attached to the back of the air box near the large hose (under it).

5. remove the small breather hose from the air box.

6. Pull air box up and out.

7. Remove snap on cover from top of battery.

8. Remove small snap on wiring cover from back of the battery covering.

9. Unbolt power steering reservoir (next to battery case).

***Most VWs will go into limp mode after the Battery has been disconnected and re-connected. If you have your original solar charger (large panel from VW with a lighter socket plug) please plug it in and make sure you are in the sunlight before moving to the next step. If you have no way to keep power to the vehicle you will most likely need to go to the dealer to have them reset the computer in the car and your stereo.***

Also, when you hook the battery back to the car the alarm will sound right in your ear. Just leave the key in the door so you can unlock it to turn off the alarm.

10. Disconnect the battery cables. Positive side first.

11. Remove the 13 mm bolt at the base of the battery along with the hold down clamp.

12. Pull the top wiring away from the battery case and then slide the battery towards the engine.

13. Remove the plastic battery case.

14. Remove the battery.

Installation is reverse from this. I will try to post pictures of this procedure on the vwvortex web site. Do a forums search for New Beetle Battery Change. It may take me some time to post them so be patient. This job is longer than that of a typical car but it's not bad. Just remember that the Beetle was designed around a body. everything is jammed in there.

*****On a side note, PLEASE remember to change your timing belt on your Beetle! They need to be changed before 90,000 miles. If the belt breaks it will destroy the engine. We are talking about a $3,000-$4,000 repair job. If you bought your car used and have no history of it being changed, do yourself a favor and change it ASAP!****

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Q: How to change battery on 2001 VW New Beetle TDI?
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