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if you mean steering ball jounts its pretty easy. remove cotter pin that is through castellated nut connecting ball joint to steering arm, remove nut, then using ball joint separator tool you will buy at the auto parts store ( trust me you will want it ) force it between the ball and the steering arm, then hit it with a hammer until they separate. loosen the jam nut on the linkage side and unscrew the ball joint from the arm. install is reverse. dont worry too much about how tight the castlenated nut is when you install the new one firmly snug is fine as long as the entire hole for the cotter pin is inside of the slots in the nut. get the ball joint screwed in as closely to where the old one was as you can but you may still need to do some alignment when you are finished, and secure the jam nut.

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2007-01-09 20:27:21
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