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We were told by our vw service the beetle is made to have lifetime tranny fluid, therefore there is not a dipstick or a fill area. It is all self contained and has to be filled by service through the tranny drain/pan under the car.

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โˆ™ 2007-09-11 22:13:39
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Q: How to change transmission oil beetle 99?
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How much oil is required for a 99 new beetle oil change?

According to the owner's manual, 4.4 quarts if the filter is changed also.

How do you change the transmission fluid on a 99 Honda fourtrax?

tranny is built in the motor case and is changed everytime u change oil

How do you check the transmission fluid level on a 99 vw beetle?

pick it up and look at it's little dipstick!!

How do you change transmission oil on 99 Malibu 4-cylinder?

The easiest fix is to go to any Jiffy Lube or quick lube and ask for the transmission service. Otherwise it is a real pain.

My 99 infiniti g20 engine to stall when engine is cold during take off in drive or reverse.?

Change your transmission oil it happen to me . And have your mechanic check the transmission you might have metal shavings in the transmission which is really bad.

What weight is '99 harley softail transmission oil?

You can use the same oil that you use in your motor

How do you replace the transmission solenoid for 99 Chrysler lhs?

Remove the transmission oil pan and valve body.

99 Z24 check 5 speed trans oil?

manual transmissions don't have transmission oil !!!

How much oil does 99 sportster take?

The '99 Sportster uses three quarts of engine oil, and one quart of Sport-Trans in the Primary/Transmission.

What weight of motor oil should you use in a 99 beetle?

Gas: 5W30 synthetic, gasoline-rated oil. Diesel: 5W40 synthetic, diesel-rated oil.

How do you reset the oil life on a 98 Pontiac gtp after you change the oil?

i have a 99 gtp and it resets itself after i change the oil

Where is the oil drain plug on a 99 vw beetle?

It is facing to the rear end of the car on the oil pan. You will have to lift your car and get under it to be able to see it.

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 99 volkswagen new beetle 1.8 turbo there just doesn't seem to be an easy way to do anything on this car except check the oil?

Owner's manual. Actual Answer: There is no data in the owner's manual on checking or maintaining the transmission fluid level. I have a new beetle, it's leaking, and it seems the only recourse to submit myself (and my wallet) to the VW dealer - again.

My 99 Beetle is hesitating?

There are a number of reasons why your 99 VW New Beetle might be hesitating including overheating. Your Beetle might also have a leak in one of the fluids.

What would cause a whining noise in the passenger front end of a 99 beetle when backing up?

== == Could be the transmission, or a front brake is sticking on.

How do you find trans filter on 99 Dodge Dakota?

Drop the transmission oil pan

Do you have to drain the oil in your motor to work on transmission on a 99 S80 Volvo?


How much oil does the transmission hold on a 99 Toyota Tacoma?

A 1999 Toyota Tacoma holds about 5 quarts of oil total. A '99 Toyota Tacoma with a v6 engine takes 5.5 quarts of oil.

What are the two lines on the passenger side below the radiator of a 99 ranger?

those 2 lines are oil lines from the automatic transmission to the radiator .these allow for the transmission oil to be cooled

How much does it cost to change transmission from manual to automatic in 99 or 00 Honda Civic?

how do i change the interior on the door panel of a 99 Honda civic dx

How do you change the oil filter on a 99 Oldsmobile intrigue?

Unscrew it.

Why does oil pass into your 99 Taurus radiator?

The transmission oil cooler is located in the radiator. A leak that allows oil in the radiator will also allow coolant to enter the transmission doing great harm. Check the transmission , after driving and the oil is hot water vapor will come out of the dip stick tube.

How many quarts of transmission oil in 99 Grand Cherokee?

Dry fill is about 12 quarts

What type of oil and transmission fluid does a 99 Plymouth neon use?

5w30 engine oil, Mopar ATF+4 trans fluid.

What type of transmission oil for transfer case in a 99 4x4 2500 Chevy sub?

Dexron iii