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In my case, My 97 1/2 year 2.4 L Plymouth Breeze engine mounts were loose and the lower engine/transmission support bracket was bent and was transfering vibrations up the steering column (really annoying). Dealership replaced mounts and support to correct this issue.

AnswerI have a 96 that does the same thing had it to the dealer and they checked it out and had no answer so if any one does please email me at Thanks AnswerANSWER

If the car runs smooth while driving I tend to believe the engine needs a tune-up. If the idle speed is tolow or the timing has changed it can cause a rough idle.


When the engines is cold losen all the engine mount bolts roughly 1 turn, or so, start the engine and allow it to warm up until the idle drops,then shut it off and tighten mounts down to spec. The problem is that the engine is not sitting properly on the mount(it in a bind) and it's tranferring vibration into the frame of the car. This worked well on a 97 breeze which would shake smiliarly as describe since it was new.

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Q: How to fix a 97 Plymouth breeze 2 0 engine that shakes some while in park and shakes worse in drive while setting still?
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Do u mean that the car shakes as you are driving, or just that the engine shakes when it is at idle ? Could use more info.

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Some parts stores will scan your vehicle for free. Advance auto for one.

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