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change the bulb

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Q: How to fix a blinker that outside lights but does not blink while inside the blinker flasher works double time while the hazards blink normal?
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Why would the blinker be acting up when you put it on to turn the blinker wont flash on the outside or inside of the car and the flasher blinks double time outside lights work Could it be the flasher?

First of all let me say that most vehichles have 2 flashers, 1 for the hazzard lights and 1 for the blinkers. If you turn the blinker switch to either side and lights inside and out do not flash or light up then the most common problems are a blown fuse or the blinker switch itself could be bad. As for the hazzards blinking double time, it is possible the flasher could be going bad. One other possibility, autos that have had trailor light hookups installed have been found with bad grounds and/or wires that have rubbed into causing tail,blinker and stop lights not to work correctly

How to fix blinker lites that don't flash on the outside but do come on inside on 86 Chevy blazer s10?

Check bulbs double filamented smaller for turn signals larger for tail and parking lights Check sockets for corrosion Replace turn signal flasher

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1998 Blazer left turn signal started going at double tempo - not burned out Is this a sign flasher going out or something else?

More than likely, it is the flasher. When the flashers in my 95 LT went bad, they would intermittently blink fast then slow. I replaced both the flasher for the turn signals and the one for the hazards, to save myself the trouble of taking the dash apart a second time later on down the line. Dawn Also check bulbs. A blown turn signal element in the bulb will also make the other bulbs blink fast. This is a design to warn you of a bad bulb either front or rear on the side you have the lever turned to.

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Why is your blinker on but the switch is off?

Could be a shorted bulb they are double filamented and if one filament is touching the other it could be backfeeding FRemove bulbs one at a tinme to see if this is the problem Could be a bad switch

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Why would the turn signals and tail lights work but not the brake lights or flashers after installing new flasher bulbs and fuses on 1986 Ford F150 truck?

Try replacing the hazard flasher. If that does not work, double-check to see that you have the proper bulbs and fuses installed for the brake lamp circuit.

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Where is the flasher located on a 96 Toyota Tacoma?

this fukkin sucks ==New Answer+ On the dash beside the vents above the radio there is a push button. It has a double triangle on a red background. Hope this helps.

Why does your 2004 gmc sierra left blinker light come one when your headlights come on?

Check to see if you have a defective bulb. Turn signals/parking lights,and tailights a double filament, if one is bad (Both filaments touching) they will backfeed

Where is the turn signal flasher located in the 1986 Ford Thunderbird?

Should be in the fuse panel. The large round (usually metallic) one. Look it up on your fuse panel schematic to double check.

Turn signals dont work replaced the switch?

Check fuse Check bulbs--they are double filamented with the smaller for turn signals Replace turn signal flasher--Most common problem

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