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How to remove and install starter on 91 berretta?


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The starter is underneath the motor in the front of the car. There are to bolts that secure it to the engine block. Now the easiest way I've found out how to change a starter is by first unhooking the wires from the cylinder ontop of the starter. i do believe that one to the terminals is an 8mm or 10mm socket. where the other terminal is a 13mm socket. after the wires are unhooked take a jack and just jack it up enough to where it is supporting the starter(don't put any amount of force on the starter with the jack, just enough so when the bolts are out the starter won't come falling out of the car). the bolts are different lengths, the long one goes closest to the oil pan and the other goes on the radiator side. after the starter is out replace the new one on the jack jack it up until it is flush with the engine blockand replace the bolts. then hook up the wiring, remove the tools and start it up. if the starter doesn't turn over from the key there is a wire crossed.(and the size of the starter mount bolts is a 15mm.)


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Remove the starter and take it to an auto parts store. They have the equipment to test it.

3 bolts on starter, pull ,remove wires from start insert new starter and reattach wires and bolt into transmission

(optional - safety) Disconnect battery negative connection. Remove plastic cover at front of starter. Unbolt two wires at back of starter. Remove two starter mounting bolts. Remove starter. Reverse above procedure substituting replacement starter for starter being replaced noting that the battery being connected is no longer optional.

remove the old install the new .....easy.....e-bays gottem........

you have to remove the starter to replace the relay and the relay cost almost as much as the whole starter so you are better off just replacing the whole starter.

you must remove the grill and the bezel that surrounds the light.

How to remove ignition switch on a 91 Mazda Navajo

there is multiple relay switches on a 91 berretta

go to and enter your vehicles info.,then look up starter,then click on repair guide,it will show and tell you.

Look it up on Kelly blue book .com for an up to date quote, reduce the value by about $500.00 for the starter install.

Cant on a 91-96 the starter and solenoid are one piece. I assume its that way on all of them. Starter cost around 100 bucks at autozone with a lifetime warrenty

i have a 91 sonoma. For advice it was easiest to unbolt the the flywheel/flexplate cover. this allows you to wiggle the starter towards the front of the truck and then lower it down. ( you do not need to remove the cover; just move it out of the way.

I would start by checking the starter relay first. It is in the fuse box, is often the problem and it's relitivly cheap. To remove the starter You start by collecting as many socket extentions as you can find. Unhook the battery completly, then jack up the truck take off the passenger side tire, at this point you have two choices either remove the suspention on this side of the truck or be ready for lots of fustration as you wrestle the starter out and the new one in. Unplug the starter relay wires and unbolt the main power cable from the batt. Unbolt the starter and take her out.

remove air intake battery and battery plat form right there under air intake on transmission

Defective starter solenoid?

Should be mounted at the top of the starter

Have you tested the starter itself? Remove it, take to Auto Zone/Advanced/etc. and they'll do a free bench test for you.

'91 fords alone are very hard to work on. when you factor in the Escort you're looking at about 4 hrs. of labor. it should take about 20 min. and is pretty east to get to --Answer-- 91 Fords are NOT difficult to work on, on your car (91 escort)put the car on ramps or securely on jackstands, remove the battery tray (4 10MM bolts) then you can gain access to the starter to bellhousing bolts, remove the cables, if you can't get to the lower bolt then access it from underneath and remove the starter from below. Should take an average wrench 45 mins to an hour, I can do it in 15 mins with hand tools but I've been there many times before. The 1.9's are lawnmower like for simplicity as well as lawnmower like for power. SuzukiTech, ASE Certified Master Mechanic, Suzuki, converting drivers one owner at a time

The solenoid is attached to the starter. There is no relay.

I had a 90 and 91 so I assume its pretty similar. Undo the negative battery cable first of all. The starter has two bolts that mounts the starter to the engine and an electrical connector that supplies power. First, undo the electrical connector. These are all a little different but usually there is a small tab that has to be depressed and then the connector slides out of the sleeve. These are a male/female type connector. Now, remove the two bolts and wiggle the starter until it starts to come out of the engine. You've got the hard part done now. Put the new starter in, install the two bolts, reconnect the connector, and reconnect the negative battery cable. You're done. For any other make/model/year go to and click Vehicle Wiring Diagrams.

The crankshaft sensor is behind the Starter. You have to remove the starter to get to it. You may be able to see it from underneath the car. I had to replace one today..It's a pain in the neck but my car is running great..

on the starter. Chevy has always put the starter solenoid on the starter. It is the cylinder on top of the starter that is about two inches inb diameter with all the wirs connected to it.

Follow your red or positive cable from the battery down. It is connected to the starter.

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