How to replace fuse for the stereo on a 2002 VW Golf GTI?

There are 2 fuses on that stereo system, Fuse 37 or 42 in the driver's side of the dash or the back of the radio. You need special tools to remove the radio. If the radio just quit working, simply remove the fuse on the side of the dash and re-install the fuse, the radio should start working again.
Update: I just tried this (removing each fuse individually, one at at time) and it didn't work. HOWEVER! I just pulled BOTH 37 AND 42 at the same time and put them back in and it fixed it. (Thats right... Genius.)

I just had this happen on our 2002 VW Golf TDI and removing these two fuses (I did both together) worked for me as well.

Also works on the 2003 Golf GL - Great Tip!