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How to replace the radiator fan switch on a 1992 olds Achieva?

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1992 olds Achieva does not have that switch. ECM receive signal from the coolant temperature sensor and send command to relay #6 for turn on/off the radiator fan. Relay #6 is located in the motor compartment on the fireboard.

2009-08-31 20:57:58
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Q: How to replace the radiator fan switch on a 1992 olds Achieva?
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is it hard to change the water pump on a 1992 Oldsmobile achieva. Yes, it is very hard to replace a water pump on an Achieva. When the pump died on my 1996 Achieva, the engine needed to be unbolted and removed to get to it. As I recall, it cost about $500. I have a 95 Olds Achieva 3.1 and the water pump was very easy to change. Mine is on the front passenger side of the engine. Very easy to get to, just be careful not to break any bolts off. lol

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You likely need to replace your radiator cap - the rubber seal in the cap is worn.

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this site is great

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If you are looking for the cooling fan switch it is located just to the left of the lower radiator hose, screwed in to the lower tank.

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You shouldn't even think of doing that. Just replace the switch.

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Shag It Nad it will get horny and it willll e fixed

What is a fair price to replace a radiator on a 1992 Toyota Paseo?

the best deal you can get is if you buy the radiator on eBay it will cost you between $50 -$60 and then take it to a technician to change it , also it is very easy to replace it , you can do it yourself

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In front of the battery, directly behind the headlights on the passenger side. Follow the wires from the fan switch on the top of the radiator.

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there is a cover behind the switch stalk clip off then you will see the plug from the wiper switch stalk unplug then to remove switch turn switch and pull out stalk switch

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First remove the steering wheel, remove the torx screws and remove the house, remove the signal switch and the wiper switch, remove the torx screws and?æremove the ignition switch. Put in the new switch and replace everything in reverse.?æ

Do you have to drop the fuel tank on a 1992 Achieva to change the fuel pump?

Unless there is an access panel inside the trunk, then the answer is yes. Sadly, yes. In my 1996 Achieva it cost me about $700 to drop the tank and replace the pump. I was ripped off, I know, but the tank needs to be removed to get to the pump.

How do you replace a thermostat in a 1992 Dodge Dynasty 3.3 L LE?

follow radiator hose unscrew the to bolts and it will be inside

What is the best replacement radiator for a 1992 Buick Century?

another 1992 buick century radiator

How many 1993 olds achieva scx where made?

somewhere around 500 or so, i have a 1992 W41 Achieva only like 1500 of them were made.