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it depends on what you are working on but most cars and trucks have a bolt at the shaft there is a y shape with a bolt remove the bolt and y then pull the distrbuter out but first mark where the rotor is pointing so you can put it back or make shure your eng is at number 1 top dead center

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Q: How to take a distributor off?
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How do you take off the rotor from distributor of a 1998 Nissan Altima?

Remove distributor cap Either lift off rotor or unscrew and lift off is so equipped

How do you install a rotor cap in a Chevy Silverado?

all you should have to do is take the distributor cap off, and there it is. answer take the distributor cap off, pull the old rotor off, put the new one on, put the cap back on.

How do you install a distributor in Mazda mx6?

3 bolts on distributor, take off valve cover 13 mm on distributor 12 or 11 mm on cover

How do you take a distributor rotor off Volvo 740 with turbo?

I'm trying to do a tuneup on my 89' 740 Volvo with turbo. Having problems getting the distributor rotor off?

Where is the Camshaft Position Sensor on a 2000 Dodge Caravan?

It is located in your distributor. Take off the distributor cap. Take off the rotor. You will see it underneath there, its got a magnet piece. Also, to make things more clear, It is where the electrical connection plugs into on the side of the distributor. That is the cam sensor.

Which direction does the distributor turn on a 1979 Ford mustang 5.0 HO?

Take the distributor cap off an crank the engine or turn the engine by hand clockwise and note the direction of the distributor rotor.

How do you check to see if distributor is stuck 1997 mercury villager?

Take the distributor cap off and turn the engine. If the rotor turns it's not "stuck".

Accord wont rev past 5900 rpm when it used to go to 6500?

It's either your timing is off or you have to take the distributor cap off and set the timing again once you turn the crankshaft pulley where it is suppose to be at and set the rotor on the distributor but let me ask you if you have mess with the timing belts or the distributor cap or u took the distributor off or what?

How do you take the distributor off of a 1991 blazer 350 5.7liter?

you remove the wires that are going to the distributor and look where the distributor meets the intake there is a little plate the rests against the distributor and it has a bolt in it remove that and pull distributor up and out and u have to remove wires that go to the plugs as well

What is the distributor rotation on a 69 Dodge slant six?

I would say counter-clockwise but if you take the distributor cap off and have someone turn the engine over as you watch the distributor you will be able to see which way it turns.

Where is the thermostat on a Honda Accord 91?

The only one I know of that check ur temperature is the Sensor and it is located under the the left of the cylinder. it is underneath and has a wire going to need a wrench to take it off but might need to take hte distributor off too.

How to take shaft distributor off?

on a 3.1 at the bottom of the shaft there is a pin you knock it out then push the shaft out the top

How do you replace ignition coils 2001 ford f150?

take off the distributor cap see what you find.

How do you replace a distributor rotor on a 1989 Dodge Dynasty?

# Unplug the distributor connector from wiring harness connector # Loosen the distributor cap retaining screws # Label and disconnect the spark plug cables from the distributor cap # Lift the cap off of the distributor # Note in which direction the distributor spark pick-up is pointing then pull the rotor off of the distributor shaft

What is a Pickup coil assembly?

Without this, your distributor won't work. Without your distributor... :( Go to your distributor. On the outside of it you should see a plug with harness (?) feeding into the distributor. This is the beginning of your pickup coil "assembly". Take off your distributor cap. You'll see that "harness"/assembly feeds into the very top of your distributor, held by a "molded" grommet (on mine), then, it "coils" around the top and you'll see that it feeds (or plugs into) into some part of the distributor (again, you can only see this when your distributor cap is off). I'm basing all of this on my 84 CJ7. I have no clue if all distributors are the same. Good luck.

How do you get the distributor cap off of a 1996 Chevy 454?

There are two screws that hold it to the distributor.

Where is the ignition coil in a 95 Honda Civic?

The coil is located in the distributor internally. If you take the distributor cap off and unscrew the rotor it should become visible. You may have to move a dust cover, but it is in there.

1993 Chevy Suburban isn't getting fuel or fire?

I would replace the module in the distributor. Take the distributor cap off and it will be the idem that has 2 small screws that hold it on the base of the distributor, and it will have electric wires that hook to it. The module controls the fuel and fire.

Is there an internal advance mechanism in a 1992 43l distributor?

all distributors have some kind of centrifugal advance, you will be able to see if you take the distributor cap and rotor off. have a look at the base plate to see.

Where is the distributor cap located in a 2000 chevrolet's blazer?

behind the engine you'll see a black circle with 7 plugs coming out of it. that is the distributor cap. take the cap off and you'll see the rotor.

Does a 1987 Toyota passenger van have a carburetor distributor cap?

Yes. It's a beast to get to though. If you take off the access panel behind the passenger seat, you can just see the wiring harness and back of the distributor/coil. To get to the distributor, you have to take off the passenger seat, the plastic frame around the hand brake and shifting lever, and remove the larger access panel. There are 3 screws that hold the cap to the distributor, two near the engine, the other on the far side. Good luck.

How do you pull distributor on 95 Chevy 350?

should be a 9/16 bolt on a retainer looks like a Y on the distributor and its bolted to the intake remove the bolt and retainer take the distributor cap off leave the wires on unless you mark the cap and corresponding wire

How do you replace the ignition module on a 1976 Chevrolet Cheyenne?

The pickup coil in the distributor? !976 should be an HEI distributor. Take the cap off, unplug the wires going to the distributor, remove the rotor and the pickup coil is under the rotor and held in place with two screws.

How do you remove the distributor rotor?

It pulls off.

How do you know if the distributor on a 1995 suburban needs to be changed?

you need to take it off an look to see if it is fouled down(black marks)