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How would the world be different if there had been no Progressive Era?

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2007-03-16 18:21:10

If you look at the writings of the time, the Pre-Progressive Era

featured child labor (14 hour days, 61/2 days per week, dangerous

working conditions, extreem low pay, slums (without indoor

plumbing), hired thungs who shot labor unionists and their

families, garbage in the streets, party bosses who chose the

candidates with no input from the people, direct and indirect

bribing of congressmen, no direct party primary, and lots of other

probelms. People began to wake up, speak out, and organise. Among

the leaders were: McClure's Magazine--featuring Ida Tarbell,

Lincolon Stffens and other reporters; Jane Addams, founder of Hull

House;environmentalists like John Muir and Gifford Pinchot;

politicians like Robert La Follette, William Borah, and Teddy

Roosevelt; Labor leaders, including Mother Jones and lawyers like

Clarence Darrow. Between then they changed our world, but not

alone. They organized people by neighborhood, by getting real news

out to the readers, muchraking (It's a good thing) and pushing for

good laws. They even formed a political party--the Progressive

Party. This party started in 1912, but there was a spat between

Teddy Roosevelt and Robert La Follette, so La Follette went back to

the Republican Party. In 1924, La Follette took his turn to run as

a Progressive. In 1934 his sons founded the Progressive Party again

in Wisconsin. FDR convinced many Progressive that he would make

their ideas into law, but he watered them down so much that his

vice-president, Henry Wallace, got disgusted, and ran for President

as a Progressive in 1948. Locally, many state Progressive Parties

changed their name to Farmer/Laborer Party, which is why it looks

as if they disappeared. Some held on until 1960. The Progressive

PArty started up again in 1982, with the Vermont Prgressive Party,

and is now a series of state parties united under the term, US

Progressive Party You can find

the original platforms o the internet. The 1912 one included the

right to a Living Wage.

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