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The following is excerpted from: The Never Realized Republic: Political Economy and Republican Virtue, Peter Joseph O'Lalor, (Charleston, Booksurge Publishing, 2005), rev. 2nd ed. Copyright

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Q: How would you debate that the founding fathers were not democratic reformers?
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How did the Founding Fathers solve the problems at the convention?

The Founding Fathers used debate and compromise to solve problems at the Constitutional Convention. The convention was held in 1787.

What compromise did the founding fathers make?

They made MANY. There was vigorous debate with a great deal of dis-agreement.

What created the two party system?

The founding fathers opposed political parties. The debate over the ratification of the constitution created the two parties. Federalist and anti Federalist.

Where any of the founding fathers at any point in disagreement with what was being decided?

If by founding fathers you mean delegates to the Constitutional Convention then the answer is yes. there was a great deal of vigorous debate over what form the new government should take and everybody had to compromise on something. Ultimately only thirty nine of the delegates actually signed the Constitution. Michael Montagne

What are the release dates for The California Democratic Debate - 2008 TV?

The California Democratic Debate - 2008 TV was released on: USA: 31 January 2008

What was the purpose of founding the U S Naval Institute?

To provide an opportunity for officers to debate and exchange professional information.

What was the purpose of founding the U. S. Naval Institute?

To provide an opportunity for officers to debate and exchange professional information

Why did the founding fathers make the amendment process so complex?

To make sure that fundamental changes in the structure of government would require substantial time and debate and reasoned consideration. That way bad ideas that look good on the surface could not be rushed into effect before everybody had a chance to think about them.

When will the next presidential debate be?

The next Democratic debate will be 1/15 from Nevada. The next Republican debate will be 1/24 from Florida. You can find the entire debate schedule at:

What was the purpose of founding the U.S. Naval Institute?

To provide an opportunity for officers to debate and exchange professional information.

What are the release dates for CNN YouTube US Presidential Democratic Candidates Debate - 2007 TV?

CNN YouTube US Presidential Democratic Candidates Debate - 2007 TV was released on: USA: 23 July 2007 Japan: 24 July 2007

What type of thinking is demonstrated when a person defends a position by saying you all have a right to your opinion?

That democratic debate is fair and reasonable.

What actors and actresses appeared in The California Democratic Debate - 2008?

The cast of The California Democratic Debate - 2008 includes: Candy Crowley as Herself - Commentator Jeanne Cummings as Herself - Panelist Doyle McManus as Himself - Panelist Barack Obama as Himself - Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton as Herself - Presidential Candidate

What did Stephen Douglas want out of the Lincoln Douglas debate?

He wanted to get elected, by proving his moderately-democratic position was best for Illinois and the Nation.

What is the democratic debate?

It's when all the candidates that are running for president who are in the democratic party hae like a face-to-face thing where it goes on live tv and basically talks about the plans they might have in the future and comparing their ideas with the other candidates.

Why did founding father create electoral college?

At the time when the founding fathers wrote the Constitution, most U.S. citizens were not very politically knowledgable, and news traveled fairly slowly. The founding fathers created the electoral college so that people who were knowledgable about politics and America's economic standing, etc. were the ones voting and making the smartest decision for the country. However, it is interesting to note that the electoral college, though based off of the number of representatives in Congress, is not proportionally representative of the American people. This, as well as today's citizens being able to be politically knowledgable and faithless electors, has caused debate over whether there should still be an electoral college. However, today's voter turnout and political efficacy are both low, so there is still some reason to keep the electoral college. Anyways, I hope that was helpful!

How did the Lincoln Douglas debates lead to civil war?

yes, the Lincoln Douglas Debates were a step to the civil war. The debate started in 1858. Douglas became the governor of Illnois, but with his election he loss the chance of becoming president and his debate further split the democratic party which would then lead to the election of Lincoln in 1860. Lincoln's role in the debate was that he was officially recognized as a politician

How does the media protect the democratic interests of the people?

The media is the principal source of political information and public debate. It explains to people the flaws in the existing system and makes it easier for people to make intelligent decision about public affairs. Thus,it protects the democratic interest of the people

Why is the phrase due process of law in the Fifth Amendment important?

The Federalist Papers debate what the "Due Process of Law" is and what it means; by the meaning set forth by those who wrote the amendment the Due Process is an actually fair court where people are tried fairly; following a long line of traditional procedures. They (the founding fathers) had just thrown off a court system that only claimed fair trials, while not actually producing them.

What is the difference between an impromptu debate and an extemporaneous debate?

The answer is: B: In an impromptu debate, participants have much less time to prepare for the debate than in an extemporaneous debate.

What type of government does Tanzania have?

There is actually a debate as to which government it is some say democratic or republic but according to it is a republic founded on being a rebulic :) and also that what I put in my report

What did democracy mean to the Founding Fathers?

In the 18th century that word was normally understood in its original Greek sense of direct rule by the entire populace. The idea was that all the voters would meet regularly to make laws and debate issues. The founders recognized that that could not work in country as big as the U.S. so they established a republic which would still leave ulimate power in the hands of the people but permit efficiency of government. Michael Montagne

Explain the impact of the dred Scott decision?

When the Supreme Court refused freedom to the slave Dred Scott in 1857, it invoked the Constitution, ruling that when the Founding Fathers declared a man's property to be sacred, property was taken to include slaves. This appeared to mean that slavery was legal in every state of the Union - a verdict that delighted the South as much as it horrified the Northern Abolitionists. This raised the temperature of the debate and brought war closer.

What did the philosopher Montesquieu believed in?

Montesquieu is best known as the originator of the concept of separation of powers between the three branches of government, the executive, judicial, and legislative, which forms the basis of the US Constitution. He was most often quoted by the founding fathers during the debate over the Constitution, with the exception of the Bible. The infamous forgery "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" was an almost word for word copy of a French play "Conversations in Hell Between Montesquieu and Machiavelli"

What is the role of the Sumpreme Court?

The United States of America is a Republic (not a Democracy), and before the USA came to be, there was much acrimonious debate. The system adpoted by the Founding Fathers divided the Federal Government into three branches. The Executive Branch means the President, The Legislative Branch is Congress, and the Judicial branch is The Supreme Court. Under the system of Checks and Balances, these three branches are prevented from usurping power. The role of the Supreme Court is as a guardian of the US Constitution.

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