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Because you are pumping unburned fuel/air mix into the convertor and it is igniting inside, creating intense heat and the red glow.

2011-12-10 20:21:54
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How does turning your PWC over the wrong way damage it when you capsize?

On quite a few older 2 stroke jet ski's, water is injected into the exhuast flow to cool the exhaust pipe, and possible turn the pipe. If the moter stops running and you turn the ski over the wrong way this water can enter the cylinders. Once in the cylinders it can damage the pistons and rings. If the ski is running this is not a problem because the exhaust gasses keep the water from entering the cylinders. If the ski is not running there isn't anything to keep the water from entering the cylinders if the ski is rolled the wrong way.

What does milky looking oil in engine with white steam from coming exhaust mean?

theres a very good chance that the engine has a blown head gasket. what is happening is the water cooling the engine is escaping past the head gasket & into the engine, mixing with the oil making it milky coloured. the water is also escaping into the cylinders, making the steam come from your exhaust, you may also have trouble when turning the engine over, with water building up in the cylinders when cooling down.

Engine over heats white smoke exhaust?

White smoke in the exhaust is water leaking into a piston and turning into steam. You have a leak somewhere in your engine. Your engine may overheat because you are low on coolant. You have run it out through your exhaust pipe. Soon your engine will catch fire and burn up, but you will have saved money by not getting it fixed.

What could the problem be if the exhaust pipes on a 1992 Lexus sc400 are turning red hot and the catalytic converters are brand new The pipes are getting red right at the cats?

I'd be checking the oxygen sensors

Why is your exhaust pipe on your yfz 450 turning red and hot?

it is burning way too rich.

Would a bad exhaust cause a 1999 Saturn to overheat?

it can if cat converter is plugged up you can check by letting run at idle and keep checking the exhaust to see if it is turning red

Why are exhaust manifolds turning red on 1993 Buick century 3.3?

the catilatic converters could be stopped up.

What is the difference between cc and cylinders in automobiles?

CC is cubic centimeters. measured bore x stroke x number of cylinders. a cylinder is the sleeve in which the piston goes up and down, making a boom and eventually turning your tires

How does a carbuerator work?

Basically, it mixes gas and air and pushes into the cylinders to ingnite and cause an explosion pushing the pistons down, and turning the crankshaft.

WORKING Of BMW z4 engine?

Fuel is injected into cylinders. Spark plugs ignite it. Piston goes down turning crankshaft. Repeat.

Exhaust Fans Take Heat Out of the Kitchen?

Can't take the heat? Instead of getting out of the kitchen, try turning on your kitchen exhaust fan. A method of spot ventilation, your kitchen exhaust fan provides an ideal means of removing unwanted heat and humidity from your kitchen work space. Of course, it is important that household exhaust fans such as those found in kitchens and bathrooms are actually designed to remove this unwanted heat and humidity from the home entirely. If your exhaust fan is instead blowing hot and humid air into your attic, it could result in condensation, water damage and the growth of harmful mold.

Why is my oil turning mustard?

short answer, your getting water in the oil.

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Why is your inside palm plant leaves turning brown?

if it its leafs are turning brown then that probably means that it is sick or is not getting enough light.

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It is probaly because it is getting old.

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How do you reset exhaust emission warning light on a vauxhall zafira?

Reset the exhaust emission warning light by turning the ignition on and off 40 times. Light codes can be read by the old brake/accelerator press and turn the ignition on.

What was the turning point of Czar Nicholas II's life?

getting overthrown and getting his entire family shot to death

Won't turn over then white smoke?

If the smoke is coming from the exhaust then it's coolant. If its not turning over then it could be hydrolocked from a coolant leak.

Why does your car shoot flames from the exhaust?

Flames coming out the exhaust is the result of the exhaust igniting fuel that was not burned inside the engine. Occasional pops of flame can be from backfiring, which shoots out unbirned gas that gets ignited from the heat of the exhaust. On cars without electroinc ignition or fuel injection, which covers all older cars, turning the ignition off while moving and then back on can result in a backfire and flames.

Why does my motorcycle backfire when turning it off?

It could have to do with the fuel mix or your exhaust might not have enough back pressure, i.e. too short, or not enough muffling.

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