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I sell GM parts so I know this is a very common problem. The blower resistor is located behind the glove box inside the dash. It is beside the blower motor, and the part # you need is 89018643. It lists for $38.65, (the reason I add that is because I know many GM dealers sell parts for more than the GM suggested retail price), and should be readily available from any Buick dealer. You could probably replace it yourself, it wouldn't be too difficult, however there isn't a lot of room under the dash. I have sold many to retail customers that have put them in themselves.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-12 17:56:42
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Q: I have a 1998 Regal that seems to blow air on the highest fanblower setting. I was told that this may be due to a bad resistor Where can I find this and is it user replaceable?
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Why is your blower only works on the highest setting on your 2001 Dodge Durango Sport?

You need to replace blower motor resistor.

How do you fix a 96 Ford Contour that only blows air on highest setting?

the contour has problems with the blower motor switch and the resistor. I would check the resistor connector for signs of melting.

Your car was leaking water on the resistor so you fixed the leak and replaced the resistor and in the mean time before the resistor got replace the fan would only kick on on the highest setting but on?

The old resistor was burned out. If you burn out the new one again, replace the blower motor.

How do you fix an air conditioner that only works on the highest setting in your 1997 Nissan Pathfiner?

if you mean highest setting being the fan speed, then the problem is most likely the fan speed resistor located in the blower motor box area

Ford Mondeo Rreg blowers only working on highest setting how can you repair this Is it a relay?

Most likely the heater motor resistor has failed

Heater fan switch works only on the highest setting?

The blower motor speed resistor is burned out. You can replace only the resistor but the resistor probably burned out because the blower motor is going bad. If you want to fix it for good, replace both the blower motor and blower motor speed resistor.

When using a dvom to measure unknown voltage what setting?

Highest setting on the meter.Highest setting on the meter.

Your 2002 Pontiac Grand AM ONLY blows air when it is on the highest setting what could be the cause of this?

Typically a relay or resistor. But could be a blower switch or blower motor problem.

What is the highest temperature setting on a home oven?

450 is the highest temperature setting.

What are two familiar mistakes when using an ohmmeter and a voltmeter?

Voltmeter connect in parallel with the circuit setting on voltmeter highest range first then to lower range. Ohmmeter we need to use the ohmmeter meter setting connect across the resistor

What do need to fix my F-150 air conditioning fan that will only run on the highest setting and not at all on the other 4?

Probably bad resistor pack on blower motor

What happen if the blower motor resistor shorts out?

Usually, all that happens is that you are left with only the high speed setting, no matter what setting you put the switch on. In some cases though, the wiring or harness can be damaged near the resistor and should be replaced or repaired along with replacing the resistor.

Why will only the high fan work on a 2005 Chevy trailblazer AC Why does only the highest setting on my ac fan on the 2005 Chevy trailblazer?

There is a fan motor resistor board located under the dash on top of the plastic duct housing on the passenger side of the vehicle. It is behind the glove box. Removing the glove box will help you to get to the resistor. The power to the fan motor uses various resistances on that board to get your lower fan speeds, but on the highest setting it bypasses the resistors since they are not needed. You always will get your blower motor to work but only on high only when the resistor board is bad.

What would make only 5 of the Air Conditioner in a 2000 Impala work?

If you are referring to the blower motor speed, and only the highest setting works, then the problem is a bad Blower Motor Resistor Pack.

Why does your heater ac fan only work on high all of a sudden 92 S10 Blazer?

sounds like the resistor board has blown, on the highest setting it has no resistors, hence the reason it still works

What could be causing the fan speed to only work at the highest setting on your 1992 Toyota 4Runner when placed at any other of the 3 settings nothing happens?

It's either the resistor (if your vehicle uses one), the switch or possibly the lower speed motor windings (if it doesn't use a resistor).

Can a bad resistor cause the low setting on a blower motor not to work?


How do you fix the resistor switch in a 1994 Nissan bluebird as my air conditioner only works on high setting?

Only thing you can do is replace the resistor, there is no repair.

Have 2000 Nissan frontier blower for ac heat only works on highest setting what should you check for thanks?

There is a thing called the resistor box that drops the voltage through the switch leaving the full voltage to run on number 4 of the switch. Locate this resistor and replace, this should fix problem.hope this helps

Where is the blower resistor located in 1991 integra gs heater doesnt work?

That's a two-part question: The resistor is located behind the glovebox--you'll see it once the glovebox is removed. Even if the resistor is burned out, the blower should still work with the dial on the highest setting--the resistor controls the flow of current for settings 1, 2, and 3 on the dial. If the blower doesn't work at all, it's more than the resistor causing problems. If the heat doesn't work in colder weather, the thermostat may be bad. --IB

Why does your heat only come out hot on a low setting?

Sounds like the blower resistor is burned out.

2001 frontier fan only works on highest setting why?

The blower motor resistor is defective. The resister is located under the glove compartment all the way on the right side. You do not have to remove any covers to see it. The first thing you will see is the blower motor itself. The blower motor resistor is right next to it. The only tool you will need is a Philips screwdriver. Remove the two screws that secure the resistor to the blower motor duct and pull it out. Next disconect the plug that has the wires on it. Install the connecter with wires before installing the new resistor. The blower motor resistor should cost about $25.00.

Operation of a blower motor resister?

a blower motor resistor controls the speed of the fan from low to the 2nd highest by going through a resistor block. The resistance changes on each coil, therefore changing the speed of the blower. high setting bypasses all of the coils and runs at full speed. You know yours has gone bad if it only runs on high.

Why does fan not work on low and medium setting but does on high?

That is a typical sign that the blower resistor has gone faulty

What is a blower motor resistor pack and where is it on a ford focus 2001?

: My 2002 focus blower fan worked at the highest setting only and not 1,2 and 3. I fixed it by replacing the blue resistor pack held down by 1 screw behind the glove box next to the blower motor. : At first I checked the power supply to the blower motor connector. I was getting power only at setting 4 and none at other settings. : Fan blower electrical diagram showed that the only connection to the fan blower is the power supply, resistor pack and front panel switch.