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I have a pain on my side and i am pregnant?

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well you may be but in most cases if you are having pain there is something your doctor imediately...

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Is it normal to have pain in your right side like a side ache while pregnant?

Yes it is. The side pain you feel is just your uterus growing.

What causes round ligament pain if you are not pregnant?

I think I am having round ligament pain on my left side and I am not pregnant. Is this possible? My doctor noticed a cyst on my ovary on the left side.

What does pain mean on your left side below your ribs?

you could be pregnant

What would pain up by diaphragm on the left side be while pregnant?

a foot

What does mean when you are pregnant and pain is on your left side and your left leg?

you need to go to the doctor. and to avoid the pain in the future, use condoms.

Is it ok to take Tylenol with codine once a day for pain while pregnant?

To be on the safe side no

Lower left side back pain and left side abdomen when 9 months pregnant?

It's probably your syatic nerve. It gets pinched when your pregnant and the pain and run down your leg when your in certain positions too, could just be where the baby is laying

I am pregnant what would cause dull pain in lower right side?

UTI and/or not drinking enough of water.

Can you have a light pink discharge with pain on the left side and be pregnant?

Yes. You might have a tubal pregnancy. Yes you can.

You are 36 weeks pregnant with sharp pubic pain is that normal?

■No clue but to be on the safe side I would consult your doctor.

I am Pregnant and i have a pain on my right hand side lower stomach what could this be?

the baby is probobly kicking there or ask your docter.

If you are 3 months pregnant how does your stomach feel?

little pain on left side other than that i'm good

What are the symptoms of pregnant tubal ligation?

They would be the same as a natural pregnancy with the exception of the presence of pain in the side or back.

Can you have pain stomack pain if you are pregnant?


Do you get pain in your right side if you are pregnant?

Yes, this is the sign of either pregnancy or your period, mainly period if you haven't started yet.

Is there something wrong with my baby as there is a pain in my left side?

if you are pregnant please meet your doctor. there usually are occasional bouts of pain..pretty sure it might be of luck!

What is pain under right side ribs and into side and hip while 20 weeks pregnant?

maybe a kidney infection, but you might want to go see your doctor

What does it meant to have a sharp pinching pain your vagina while pregnant?

What does it mean when you have a pinching pain in vagina while pregnant

You had pain on the left side of the stomach but you got your periods can you still be pregnant?

yes, but it isn't as likely. there is a very slim chance to be pregnant and still have your periods. but it is still possible, you might want to take a home pregnancy test. just to be on the safe side.

Should you be concerned if you are 22 weeks pregnant and have pain on upper right side?

Pain on the upper right during pregnancy can be a sign of pre-eclampsia. Definitely talk to your doctor and see what he/she thinks.

What causes left side abdominal pain and pain during urination?

what causes left side abdominal pain and pain when urination

Can you take pain pills while pregnant?

No. You should not take pain pills when you are pregnant. Paracetamol is generally safe in pregnancy.

If you have a pain on your back the left side where the kidney is located is it a sign of pregnancy?

No, this is not typical to have pain in the back when pregnant, unless it is an ectopic pregnancy. Other causes for pain in the back in that area would be a kidney infection or stone, or a bone out of place in the spine.

What is pain on lower left side if pregnant?

Could be the uterus growing and skin stretching - if you're worried go and see your doctor or midwife

You are 10 weeks pregnant now you are experiencing a pinching pain near bottom right side of navel?

i feel the same way what the heck is it