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I replaced the intake manifold gaskets on my 97 Chevy truck 5.7L and now the engine trys to start but wont start what is the correct way to set the distributor?


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August 14, 2008 9:15AM

you should have marked the distriputer and the actual intake before removal, if not you will need to go at it the old fashion way like i did , get the number 1 piston to tdc on the combustion stroke and point the distriputar with the number one tower facing the number one piston and leave lose enough to turn by hand and time by ear, you want to get it close , if you got a triming light that will help(use a white out pen out pen to mark your timinging mark by the book ,should be zero or maybe 7 btdc and dissconnect the computer so it wont try to compennsate immediatly, its a brown wire with black strip on the fire wall either driver or passerger side)if not what you can do is after you do all the previous mentioned stuff, get to about 2000rpm till you hear the valves start to chatter then back it off about a 1/16-`1/8 a retard turn and lock it down .if stil to hig of ide and the valves arent chattering turn town the ide which should be around 650-675rpm it might take a few times but dont worry the 350 are tuff