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wheel balance is probably needed also check the u-joints vibrations can travel and give false sense of where they are coming from could also be a bent wheel


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This is probably due to worn brake rotors on the brakes, if there is no vibration when driving then this will be the cause.

your rotors on the front are warped. they need to be turned or replaced.

The Astro Van power steering and brakes work off the same pupm. Check the pump for fluid. If it's full and the brakes and steering still hard you must replace the pump

Warpped rotor. rotors are warped have them checked and turned or replaced. they should be turned after every brake change

You probably have severely warped front brake rotors. Machining or replacement of the rotors would be necessary to correct the problem

The power steering pump also provides power for the power brakes.

You replace the brakes on an ABS S10 the same way you replace brakes on a non ABS S10.

Worn bushes or warped brake rotor. Replace faulty item.

This will greatly depend on what kind of brakes you have and which parts you are trying to replace. Do you have disc or drum brakes? If you have disc brakes, do you want to replace the calipers, pads, or rotors? If you have drum brakes, do you want to replace the drum, or the shoes?

The most likely problem is warped rotors. Have rotors turned or replaced. Replace front brake pads.

Yes, Sam's Club has an auto center where they can replace your brakes?

To replace brakes effectively, you need to know what type of brakes you have. In general, you will need a jack, new brakes, a wrench and Allen wrenches.

Two things: 1. Your power steering pump is quite - this will affect your steering (of course) but will effect the brakes too 2. You lost your main belt that operates all the aulterator, steering, cooling system and brakes (the serpantine belt) - if the belt is still on and tight - its number one (I had both happen1)

No, the electronic steering has nothing in common with the brakes. If you have a warped rotors the fix is to remove the rotors and have them turned at a machine shop. Also replace the pads at this time, no matter how good they look.

For the brakes, check for warped rotors. For the turning, check for worn CV joints.

If you only did the front brakes, the problem may be in the rear brakes.

The average cost to replace brakes on your 2004 Subaru is $70 per wheel. The cost to replace brakes will vary depending on several factors.

It is easy to replace the brakes if you know what you are doing. Even on cars like BMW's and Nissan's, the brakes are easily replaced.

You lose control of the steering.

take it to an auto shop and pay them to fix it that is how you replace the brakes on a 2006chrysler convertable

The Mercury Mountaineer has hydraulic brakes, not air brakes.

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