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If a 2002 Jeep Wrangler will not start when it rains but does crank what could be wrong?


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2015-07-16 18:03:08
2015-07-16 18:03:08

the possile cause could be spark plug wires , especially the coil wire. They frequently get wet where the coil wire attaches to the coil. New wire should help.

The spark plug wires may be cracked and hold moisture when it rains. Replacing them may solve this problem.

You can also spray the wires and inside of the distributor cap with WD40... That will drive all the moisture out.

Just like the above stated, it easily could be the distributor cap. Every time I go in water crossings, mud, or even wash my jeep, water gets in my distributor cap. I usually just unscrew the two Phillips head screws and wipe it dry with a rag, or spray it with WD40 and wipe dry. Should start right up.


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your distributer could have a crack in it so its letting moisture in id recomend replacing your rotor button and distributer and see if that does the trick and that a relitiv cheep fix

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Does it not crank at all? Do you have power? Check battery terminals, check wiring to the starter.

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A lot of things, but start with the distributor, and cam/crank sensors, then try the coil

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could be the crank sensor, the go out. the have a reputation for that.

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Can be a number of things....but start with crank angle sensor located rear of engine above bell housing asuming it's a 4L six.

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