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I'm no Immigration lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that Canadian citizens can visit the United States all they want, regardless of marital status. (After much hunting, I found it at Sheesh! What a mess of a web site.) If genuinely marry (i.e. not for a fradulent purpose, like beating immigration laws) someone who is a legal resident of the United States, that can be an avenue to permanent residency, if you so desire. Your citizenship doesn't change just because you get married.

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Q: If a Canadian Citizen visits the United States and gets married will she be deported?
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If you are a child of a legal citizen can you be deported if you commit a crime?

If you commit a crime, and are not a citizen of the United States, you can be deported, regardless of whether or not your parents are a citizen.

If deported can you get married?

If you are deported, there are no prohibitions to you getting married. You might also be able to prevent deportation if your spouse has legal status in the United States.

Can a person be deported if they married for visa and have a wife in another country?

A person can certainly be deported if they are married illegally in the United States. If there is a wife in another nation, the marriage in the United States is not legal.

Is married to an American citizen but was deported how long does it takes to re-enter the Us?


If you have an order of deportation and you married a us citizen can you become a resident?

Once you have been ordered to be deported, nothing you do can revoke that order. Even if you marry a US citizen, you will be deported. You can apply to reenter the US but the chances of that application getting approved is very less. Basically, no. Marrying after you have been ordered deported will not trick the court into letting one remain in the United States.

Can an American citizen file for child support from a Canadian citizen?

Yes, you can request child support from a Canadian citizen if you live in the United States. You will have to have proof of paternity or have a birth certificate that has the Canadian citizens name on it.

Can a canadian citizen own and live in the states and cross the border to work in canada daily?

Yes, a Canadian citizen can own property and live in the United States and cross the order to work in Canada daily.

What are the chances for a deported girl to get back into the United States if petitioned by her US citizen and active duty Army boyfriend with a fiancee visa?

In the Army an active duty soldier cannot bring his girlfriend into the states, however if they were to get married he can bring his new wife to the U.S however she will not be afforded the same right as a U.S citizen.

Is there any way for an illegal alien to come to the United States legally if he was deported 3 times and has a US felony but married a US citizen before his 3rd deportation?

Nope there is no way!!MAybe in 10 years

Can a marriage between a Canadian citizen and a Brazilian citizen be legal in the US?

Yes, the marriage is legally recognized in the United States.

Does Canadian citizen who is in joint custody with Canadian born Childrens entered in US by student Visa has rights to stay in states by marries a US Citizen?

Yes and no. They have the right to stay in the US for as long as the student visa is active. However, marriage to a US citizen would allow for the Canadian to apply for a CR-1 visa (or IR-1 if they've been married two years or more), which allows for permanent residence.

Is Glenn Beck Canadian?

Glenn Beck is not a Canadian citizen; he was born in Everett, Washington, and he has lived in the United States since his birth.

Does a baby born in the US with illegal parents loose citizenship if deported back to Mexico with parents?

No. A baby born in the United States is a citizen of the United States no matter where he/she subsequently moves.

An immigrant with felonies in new york is being deported is there anyway he can still stay in the Us if he gets married?

im marryin an immigrant who has felonies in the united states is there any way he can stop from being deported?

What does a US citizen who lives in Ghana needs to fly back to US?

A United States passport is required to re-enter the United States if you are a U.S citizen; however they can not deny re-entry to a citizen but if you do not have enough proof you will be detained until they prove you are not and if you are not you will be deported. Please contact your nearest U.S embasy for more details

Does a Canadian citizen traveling to puerto rico from the united states need a passport?

If you are not an American citizen then yes you will need a passport. If you are an American citizen all you need is a valid Driver's Licence issued by one of the 50 states. If you are not an American citizen then yes you will need a passport. If you are an American citizen all you need is a valid Driver's Licence issued by one of the 50 states.

If a woman who is not a United States citizen gives birth in the United States would this entitle her and her child both with United States citizenship?

If she was married to a United States citizen than yes but if she wasn't no, only her child would be entitled with U.S. citizenship. A woman is NOT entitled to US citizenship simply because she gives birth in the US whether she is married to a citizen or not.

What can you be deported for?

you can be deported if you dont have a visa or legal documents stating that you are a resident of the united states.

How do you get a deportation order?

If you are in the United States with a passport and break US laws, you may be deported. If you are in the United States illegally, you may be deported.

How many years you have to wait to be a citizen if you have a green card?

If you are married to a US Citizen, 3 years, if at the end of the 3 years you are still married to the US Citizen. If not, you have to spend 5 years physically in the United States to apply for citizenship, take into account any time spent outside of the United States.

If you were born in US but your family is illegal?

A person born in the United States is automatically an American citizen. Although immigration officials could potentially take action against a citizen's family members who are in the country illegally, and each particular case varies, a citizen cannot be deported.

How do you express ones nationality in English?

I am (nationality). In my case, I am Canadian. If I were a citizen of the United States of America, I could say I am American. If I were a citizen of France I could say, I am French.

Can Canadian legal permanent residents enter the US without a visa?

no they can not enter united states. they must be a canadian citizen or an immigrant holding a passport

If a us citizen gets married in nigeria is it legal in the states?

I believe that you still have to get a marriage license here in the United States.

Can someone still get a green card if they were voluntarily deported once and reentered illegally and married a US citizen?

No. Generally a marriage between a US citizen and a foreign national illegal or not would be considered valid. However, in situations where the foreign national has been deported and reentered against US immigration laws a marriage to a citizen would not be legal. The non citizen spouse is unlawfully present in the US and is now subject to incarceration as well as permanent deportation. If the marriage was one fraudulently entered into both parties have committed a violation of federal law and both can be charged with a criminal felony. *The marriage was not fradulent by no means. And I was told that as long as we have a valid license and it is recorded by the state we married in then all is GOOD. And even Mexico acknowledges marriages that have taken place in the United States. So where is the problem? Illegal immigrants get married everyday in the Unites States. They did not ask us when we were getting married if he was illegal or not or if he had been deported. Yes, but you will need to get a lawyer to help you file, since with the deportation you case is a little complicated. you will need to file a "waiver" to excuse your re entry, and this is the complicated part. that is why you will need a lawyer to walk you through it, good luck