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No, as long as the person with the firearms keeps them locked up when at home, and the person with the felony does not have access to them.

2008-04-05 00:34:55
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Can you be charged with drug furnishing charges if no possession charges or physical evidence or prior convictions?

you can be charged with anything the question is can u go to jail and are they aloud to

What type of penalty can someone charged with possession of marijuana expect?

Possession of marijuana is a crime that can cost someone up to $1000 in fines and up to one year in jail on the first conviction. Repeat convictions will increase the penalties.

Can a US ex-felon own a sword or a pocket knife?

He may, but if he is caught with such in his possession, he could also be charged with carrying a concealed weapon (for the knife in his pocket or a sheath, and for possession of the sword as a felon carrying a weapon.

Can you be charged for possession of drug resin?

Yes. You can be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Is possession of a legend drug a felony?

If you are charged with possession with intent to sell or deliver, it is a class B felony. If you are only charged with possession it is a misdemeanor.

Can a person be charged if not the one who is in possession?

yes, for example:If to people are in a car and one person is in possession, then you will both be charged.

Can you be charged with possession of a firearm if you had no knowledge that it was in your vehicle?

Yes. It is called Concurrent Possession.

What are the Penalties of having a concealed weapon with no permit?

That's too broad of a question to answer. It depends on several things, mainly what state you are in and what you are charged with. In some instances, it can be nothing but a fine, but in some instances, you can go to jail. For instance, in Tennessee, you might be charged with simple possession of a weapon, but you might be charged with "intent to go armed." One is a misdemeanor, one is a felony.

If you have a felony and someone owes a gun in that house can you be charged?

No, you can only be charged if you have possession of the firearm.

What is considered a usable amount when arrested for possession of marijuana?

I'm pretty sure you don't need to have a usable amount to be charged with possession, any amount that is enough to test positively for Marijuana is enough to be charged for possession.

What year was lil Wayne charged with possession?


What was Lil Wayne first charge for?

Lil' Wayne was charged with possession of a weapon, possession of Marijuana, selling drugs, and possession of an uncontrolled sustance.

Can you be charged with a stolen gun in NC if it's not in your possession?

If the investigators can prove you stole it, you can be charged and convicted.

What type of offense is possession?

A possession offense is usually being charged of possessing something illegal in the country you are being charged such as drugs, or paraphernalia (property/images etc...) depending on what the possession is and the amount of what ever it is you are charged with possessing it can be a minor or a federal offense. Possession with intent to distribute can in some places earn you a life sentence or a sentence of death (ex: Thailand).

Can you get charged for possession if you didn't have it on you?

yes, if you own it and/or it's on your property (house, car etc) you can assume it to be 'in your possession'.

Can you be charged with possession if drugs were found on you but you had no knowledge of them and the actual owner is coming forth at trial to say it was his?

If drugs were found on you then you were in possession so yes you can be charged. You may or may not be convicted.

Is possession of drug paraphernalia with drug residue considered drug possession in the state of KY?

its not considered drug possession, but unfortunately, you can be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. stupid law, but true.

Can you own a gun in virginia if charged but not convicted of a felony?

Convictions- or a charge pending trial- is a disqualifier. Charged, but charge dropped or found not guilty- NOT a disqualifier.

What is it when your around someone in possession of marijuana?

Nothing at all. There is absolutely nothing you can be charged with for being with someone in possession of marijuana.

Can a state convicted felon in possession of a firearm be federally charged?

Yes, any person who has been convicted of felony or is on parole is forbidden to be in possession of a firearm and could be federally charged if the authorities find out.

Can you be charged with possession of a firearm if you are not caught with a gun?

Yes. As with any crime, you can be charged as long as probable cause exists.

Can you be charged for stealing illegal drugs?

yes, you can. You can be charged not only for the theft, but also for possession if you're really unlucky.

Do non convictions appear on your record?

Yes, it will show that you were arrested and then charged with the crime. But it will show you were never convicted of it.

You were recently arrested for possession of a control substance one ecstasy pill and you also was charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony..?

Get a lawyer. No one on the internet is going to be able to adequately answer your question. Possession of ecstasy is a felony, so if you had a gun at the time, you might be charged...

Is possession of a gun by a felon a federal crime?

Depends on what the felon was charged with.