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If front AC works fine on a 1991 Ford Club Wagon but the rear AC only blows hot air what is wrong?


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May be heating and cooling at the same time. Check to see if there is water circulating in the rear heater core and if so the vacuum operated water valve, vacuum line, or vacuum control may be bad. Check the valve first.


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Burnt out lamp if maybe only the rear or front works and the other still works. If the whole side is out back and front, then it may be the switch. Could be the flasher unit too but doubtful if one side is working.

If the unit works in the heat mode, then the problem is usually located in the outdoor unit.

There is something wrong with the compressor or there is no refrigerant in the system. Have it checked out. Goodluck Joe

sounds like you should try and replace the relay and see if works after that. could be a switch.

It could be low coolant or it could be that the water pump impellers are rusted or worn through.

If you know an answer is wrong then correct it, that is how WikiAnswers works.

it blows from west to east... i think, dont hate if im wrong

Cold air blowing out of the heater is a sure sign of low coolant. Antifreeze running out of the front of the motor _could_ be a bad water pump. The two go together like ham & eggs.

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If you mean the fan blows but sometimes the air is cold, it probably is low coolant (antifreeze) level in the radiator. Check the level AT THE RADIATOR, not the overflow tank, while the truck is cold.

Air Conditioning works but no air.The fan isn't working. The fan has to come on to move the air. I had same issue few years back....was a $12.00 relay on the side of my hydro heat system

Nothing, it works fine.

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