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It could be a bad fuel pump, but first I would replace the relay and check the fuel filter first. That would rule those out and that leaves the fuel pump, usually. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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What does fuel pump switch do?

The fuel pump switch is what tells the fuel pump what pressure to pump fuel into the fuel rail

Why are you not getting any fuel to the fuel rail on your 1990 740 gl?

No power to the fuel pump. Bad fuel pump. Fuel pump pickup screen extremely clogged. Fuel filter extremely clogged. pinched fuel line no fuel in tank

No fuel pressure at the fuel rail?

fuel pump isn't sending any gas to rail /check relay first then fuel pump at pump / that should let u no whats going on

How do you change the fuel pump on a 1992 Suburban?

You must drop the fuel tank. The fuel pump is inside along the sending unit rail. I would STRONGLY suggest getting a new sending unit to go with the new fuel pump.

What is a fuel pump regulator attached to?

It is attached to the fuel rail.

How check if fuel pump is bad on avalanche?

When the ignition is first turned on you should hear the pump start up. If you do then the pump is getting power. There is a port on the fuel rail where you can put a gauge to see if the pump is putting out pressure.

Is there anything else besides the relay and the fuse that would make the fuel pump not work on a 1990 Chevy Lumina?

IS it the pump itself? Did you check for a blocked fuel filter? are you getting any fuel pressure to the fuel rail?

What is a in line fuel pump?

the fuel line pump is what sends the fuel up to the fuel rail. the fuel system is a push pull system there is a pump inside the tank that pulls the fuel out the tank and another "fuel line pump" that pushes the fuel to the fuel rail. it is usually located inside the frame under the drivers side of the vehicle.

Your F150 acts like it is getting no gas what can it be?

it could be your fuel filter or fuel pump, on most f150's there are 2 fuel pumps...1 in the tank, 1 on the fuel rail.

How does a Fuel Line Assembly work?

It carries the fuel from the fuel pump to the fuel rail and back.

Why is there no fuel pressure at the fuel rail on my 2000 Dakota with at 3.9?

Out of fuel? Pump not running?

How do you test a fuel pump 96 tracer?

Fuel pressure test at the fuel rail.

Where is the fuel pump on a 1992 gmc sierra?

On the side rail/chassi on the drivers side. The fuel filter is on the driver side rail just beind the cab. The fuel pump is located on top of the fuel tank.

How do i know when a fuel pump is going bad?

check the the pump pressure at the rail

Where is the fuel pump in a 1987 westfalia?

on the frame rail behind the fuel tank

How do you test a fuel pump on a 2002 crown Victoria?

With a fuel pressure test at the fuel rail.

How can you test fuel pump on ford f150?

With a fuel pressure gauge connected to the fuel rail.

1999 Ford truck will start but acts like it isn't getting fuel and quits?

Could be a fuel filter or fuel pump is weak. Change fuel filter and check output pressure of the fuel pump at the Schrader valve on the fuel rail. You will need a fuel pressure gauge. At idle you should be getting at LEAST 30 to 50 psi.

What else causes the motor from getting gasoline besides the fuel pump fuel filter?

could be out of gas, maybe a blockage in the fuel line, are the injector getting power??? is there enough presure from the fuel pump it needs to be a minimum of 25 psi just to open the injectors , and the fuel rail could havea blockage as well

Where is fuel pump pressure regulator located on hundai santa fe?

On the fuel rail

How do you tell bad fuel pump on 2001 fuel pump?

A fuel pressure test done at the fuel rail will verify the condition of the fuel pump. Before going to that much trouble check the fuse, and fuel pump relay. If either one is defective the fuel pump will not function.

Where is the fuel pump on 96 f250 diesel?

there is a fuel pump on the chassis rail,near rear end also a big fuel pump on top of engine between fuel filter and turbo

How can you check the fuel pump pressure?

With a fuel pressure gauge connected to the Schrader valve on the fuel rail.

What does it mean by suction control valve in common rail diesel engine's high pressure fuel pump?

it controls fuel delivery to high pressure part of pump in common rail engines

What other than fuel pump rgulates fuel to injector?

fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail it will have a vacuum line on it