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If the engine is running/idling to high, it will make putting it into reverse very difficult. Manual transmissions rarely have internal problems aside from clutch assembly replacement. That's not to say it couldn't have a problem though.

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Q: If the manual transmission has trouble going in reverse but shifts in all other gears fine and you can not start the car in reverse. what is wrong?
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If the manual transmission has trouble going in reverse but shifts in all other gears fine and the car starts what is wrong?

I recently had this very problem with my 1996 Buick Century and it was in need of a new transmission and would have cost $1100-$1500 to fix, so I went and bought a Toyota Corolla.

How do you know what type of transmission you have?

If you shift manually, you have a manual transmission. If your car shifts for you, you have an automatic.

How do you use manual transmission in Nascar 05 chase for the cup?

For PS2, R1 shifts up, L1 shifts down

What does a transmission control module do on a 1995 jeep grand Cherokee?

It controls the transmission shifts.It controls the transmission shifts.

What is the difference between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission in a car or truck?

an automatic transmission shifts through the 4 or 5 gears for you as you accelerate. a manual transmission must be shifted by hand using a shifter and a clutch (located next to the left of the brake pad).

What does the Transmission Control Module do on a 1997 Plymouth Voyager?

It controls the shifts of the transmission.

Why does transmission pull forward with car in reverse?

If you mean the transmission itself shifts forward, it is because the transmission is suspended, so when the transmission is put in reverse gear the momentum will push the transmission forward. Now, if the car pulls forward when put in reverse, this means there is a transmission problem. This may just indicate the shift linkages need adjustment, or that the transmission has a major problem and needs repairing. Take it to a shop and have it checked.

What does the button on the side of the transmission shift lever do on a 2004 Jeep Liberty?

Shifts the transmission in/out of overdrive Shifts the transmission in/out of overdrive

Why would your 1995 Metro with an automatic transmission not have reverse sometimes Some days it works some days it doesn't Also when there is no reverse it shifts hard in the forward gears?

Have you ever changed the fluid and filter in the transmission? If not, that's the first thing you should try.

Is there any difference between a manual and automatic engine?

there isn't a difference cause theres no such thing as a automatic or manual engine. there is such thing as a manual transmission aka trans. and a automatic trans. the automatic shifts by hydrolic pressure that increases when acclurating. and a manual trans the person driving the vehical shifts the gears with a lever. i hope that's what you wanted to know.

What is the difference between manual system and automated system in computer?

A manual system is operated directly by the user, and an automated system occurs without user intervention. The same comparison can be made to vehicles: a manual transmission requires the driver to shift gears, and an automatic transmission shifts gears by itself.

Transmission in 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT previously rebuilt by Cottman Transmission warranty expired and now only shifts into in reverse Help?

Take a look at ( search cottman complaints ).

Is more durable automatic or manual transmission?

An automatic transmission tends to last longer, especially with new drivers. It controls gear changes automatically at the proper RPMs. In a manual, there is a much greater chance of bad shifts, resulting in clutch and gear wear.

Camry transmission shifts late?

A Camry transmission will experience late shifts if the fluid is low or the bands are worn. This is an early sign of failure.

What fuse makes the transmission shift?

there is no fuse that makes the transmission shift the transmission shifts on cylinoids and rpms

1993 Mitsubishi 3000gt shifts fine but pops out of reverse?

3000gt Mitsubishi 1992 is jumping out of reverse

What if your 2001 Lincoln ls v8 does not go into reverse gear?

do you have all forward gears? if yes, you have broken reverse gear (one turning the spin into reverse) in the transmission, if you miss also some forward gears it shifts rough, tranny is to be rebuilt... either way it's expensive fix

Can the O2 sensor afftect your TCU and how the transmission shifts?


Where shell you check for transmission shifts?

Check the dipstick.

Are problems with the way the transmission shifts common for 2007 Toyota Siennas?

I believe they are. I'm having trouble with mine too. The mechanic at the dealership said a lot of people have complained.

Why does my1999 Ford F-150 manual transmission shift hard?

you could need a transmission flush or your syncro could be worn. try rev matching between gears and if it shifts smooth by doing that its probably your syncro

What causes a vehicle's RPMs to rev up while driving?

If you accelerate and the transmission shifts to a lower gear of the overdrive disengages the RPMs will increase. If the vehicle has a manual transmission a slipping clutch will cause the RPMs to increase if the clutch is defective.

1997 ford ranger 4.0 5 speed Grinds into reverse hard to get into firstonce in motion shifts 0k?

The synchronizing gears don't seem to be meshing right in the transmission. If the transmission is full of fluid then it will need to be taken apart to find the problem.

Why does your engine rev when it shifts gears?

in an automatic transmission when it shifts the belts that hold the planetary gears that control the gear ratios grab the next gear before it releases the previous gear. while the transmission is in two gears at once the engine doesn't provide the power to the transmission so with the lack of tension on the motor it allows it to build up speed before it slows back down when the transmission releases the lower gear What about a manual transmission? Is it normal for it to still do this same thing?

What does a modulator spool in a transmission?

If you are asking the function of a modulater valve,it is to smooth out the shifts in an automatic transmission.