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If the tilt steering mechanism on a 2002 S-10 is locked in the up position how does one take the plastic cover off to find the problem?


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2015-07-16 19:22:39
2015-07-16 19:22:39

This should be a warranty related issue. Contact the dealer.

I asked the question and should have realized that the answer would have been to start with a dealer as it is probably a warrenty item. Problem is, the truck was purchased by my deceased Dad in Texas and I am in California. But I will call a Chevy dealer to see if it still falls under a warrenty which is active. Thanks CB


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Well, if you have the same problem mine has, it's the steering mechanism. The CV joints, the tie-rods, etc.... Or it could be a simpler problem like the tires being out of balance. But I would check the steering no matter what.

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No, my steering is fine.

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When the steering wheel unlocks,the shifter sometimes does not..Turn on key,see that the steering wheel is unlocked,then turn the wheel back andforth till the shifter releases.If it won't release,the plastic component in the column is broken. . .Very rarely does the plastic break,it just gets worn,thus making it hard to release. . .Parking on a hill without the Ebrake is what causes this to wear. . .Pull the upper column apart and replace the plastic mechanism and you will cure the problem. . . . . .

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You will need to have the codes checked for your steering system but most of the time the problem is a bad steering position sensor which is located at the bottom of the steering column on the inside of the car. I have seen defective YAW Rate sensors cause this problem but very very rare.

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Steering wheels are generally locked from the ignition switch. It is supposed to lock only in the OFF position. If you steering locks in any other key position, you likely have a problem with the linkage rod or cable that connects the ignition lock cylinder to the steering column. You have to take apart the dash and possibly the steering column to fix this.

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