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This problem shows on all Blazers. The problem is a cold solder joint on the wiper motor control board. The only thing you need is a torx screwdriver and some solder and a soldering iron. Disconnect the connector harness on the wiper motor. remove the torx screws ( including the one in the center) remove the metal cover. then gently remove the control board. If you look closely you will find that the plastic housing where the harness was connected to has 4 or 5 pins soldered to the board and that the soldered points are cracked, even if you move the housing you will see the pins move freely. Re-solder those pins and reinstall back. that should be it.

If you need to replace the board, you can get them now brand new (after market) for less than $15.00 ( check on Ebay) and install it your self.

There was a similar question about a Saturn with wiper issues.

GM did a recall on several models- including some Blazers- due to a defective wiper motor control board. Have your VIN number checked against the recall at your local GM dealer. If yours is on the list, the dealer will replace the defective board for free. If yours isn't part of the recall, you can either pay about $75 for a new board- plus labor- to have it replaced, or follow the directions I gave the dude with the Saturn, to fix the problem yourself. You need to not only be handy with basic hand tools and working in tight spaces, but be able to do soldering on the circuit board to fix the problem. If you're not sure you can do it, don't try it.

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Q: If the wipers quit working on a 2000 Chevy Blazer how can you troubleshoot it?
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