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The co-buyer should contact the LENDER and ask to have the buyer removed from the loan. Nothing can be done legally without the LENDERS approval.

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Who is responsible for the auto loan buyer or cobuyer?

If the buyer does not pay the loan, then the lender comes after the co-signer. Late payments affect both credit reports. Most recommendations are not to co-sign a loan.

Can a cobuyer refinance a auto loan and remove the buyer from loan?

Buy cobuyer I wonder if you mean cosigner on a loan. If this is the case then the answer is no. As a cosigner you are simply agreeing to pay the loan if the person who took it out does not. It is in his or her name and you are responsible for it if they do not pay it.

Can a buyer remove a co-buyer from auto loan?

Well, it depends how the title was written. if it says buyer "or" cobuyer you dont need the other persons signature for anything .... if its written with "and" between your two names, u will have to have both people present to complete any removals or transfers. That or you can have the cobuyer sell u the car. They will still need to be present though.

Your ex has filed bankruptcy and you are a cobuyer on the auto loan what will happen now?

You will be responsible for the loan payments

Can the primany buyer of an auto loan refinance the auto loan in the cosigner's name only?

No. The cosigner would have to apply for a loan in their name using their credit, income data.

Can a primary buyer have a co buyer removed from an auto loan if the co buyer was never needed to get the loan?

That will be up to the LENDER.

What companies offer auto loans for individuals with poor credit?

Some companies that offer auto loans for individuals with poor credit are Cars Direct, Blue Sky and Coquitlam Auto Credit. Individuals with poor credit can get special auto loans.

Where might a person with poor credit go to receive an auto loan?

There are a staggering amount of auto loan companies who will offer loans to those with bad credit; the trick is finding a reliable one. Auto Credit Express is one example of a company that might be more reputable. They work with multiple lenders so that the buyer can avoid getting multiple loan applications rejected, thus lowering their credit score even more. In general, go into the bartering process armed with information: get your credit score beforehand so you know what it is.

Does an auto loan rewrite hurt your credit?

I think yes....the auto loan rewrite can hurt your credit

When cosigning for someone does the bank notify you on the borrowers credit affairs?

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Where can one with bad credit obtain auto insurance?

Someone with bad credit can obtain auto insurances at various places. Bad credit shouldn't stop someone from wanting to obtain auto insurance. Direct Insurance is a company that will provide auto insurance to people with bad credit.

What are the fees you have to pay when buying a car from a dealership?

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Auto Loans Credit Rating Suggestions?

Your credit rating determines whether you will be approved for an auto loan or not, and at what rate and terms. Auto loans credit rating improvement suggestions include making sure to pay down as much outstanding credit card debt as possible, and to not apply for any new credit cards when you are about to apply for an auto loan. In addition, auto loans credit rating can be improved by checking to see whether there are errors on your credit report and then by contacting the credit bureaus to correct these errors as soon as possible.

Is it easy to refinance an auto loan?

Getting a refinance auto loan can be hard or easy for some people, because it depends on your credit status. If your credit score has improved since your last car purchase, you have great chance of getting approved for a refinance auto loan.

What auto dealers in Ohio deal with the credit acceptance corporation?

what auto dealers in ohio deal with credit acceptance

How good are dorman auto parts?

Dorman=Garbage ......buyer beware

How does primary buyer repossess auto from co-buyer who is hiding car?

Call the police and tell them that the co- buyer is not agreeing to the terms of use of the car when said car was bought.

How can one get a bad credit auto loan?

If one has a poor credit history, there are still a few options for auto loans. One can negotiate a loan with their current financial institution, or obtain a loan from lenders such as Auto Credit Express or Valley Auto Loans.

Does your credit score affect your auto loan rate?

Absolutely it does! Your credit score is used by credit agencies to determine the amount of risk they are taking on. If your credit score is bad or low then you auto loan rate will be higher. However, if your credit score is good or high then your auto loan rate will be lower.

Where can one obtain a refinance on an auto loan with bad credit?

Lending Tree, Road Loans, Auto Credit Express, CarsDirect and Harbor Credit are all places to see about refinancing an auto loan with bad credit. Local banks and credit unions, may also be able to help with this.

What auto dealerships use credit acceptance corporation?

in the state of Texas what auto dealership uses credit acceptance corporation

Where can one apply for a no credit auto loan locally?

Many local auto dealers will offer loans that do not require a credit check or good credit history. Check with your local auto dealers and see if they can make a deal for you.

Can lender report joint auto loan closed for both buyers to credit agencies and repo year later while payment continues?

KEY WORD="CO-buyer". They are EQUALLY responsible for the debt. IF one is slick enough to file CH7 and get out of that responsibility, the entire debt falls on the OTHER buyer.

Does credit acceptance refinance auto loans?

Does credit acceptance do refinance

Are interest rates on auto loans much higher if you have bad credit?

Interest rates on auto loans are much higher with bad credit compared to an auto loan with good credit. Many times a person with bad credit will receive an interest rate of 18% and up.