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If there is no water on the floor of the car and there is cold steam coming from the vents does the heater core need to be replaced?


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2015-07-15 19:47:58
2015-07-15 19:47:58

When the heater core rusted out in my vc commodore, it leaked coolant into the passenger side of the car.

When my EB Falcon stopped blowing hot air, it was the thermostat on the motor.

You can guess which was cheaper to repair :)

Take the thermostat housing off and just see if it is all rusted and rotted underneath (as mine was) or take it to a mechanic to check.

CHeers, JO


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your heater core is leaking. this is located most the time under the dash. you will have to have it replaced

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heater core needs replacement

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It means you have a leaky heater core. You may also find the front passenger floor wet with engine coolant.

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usually you will get antifreeze smell and steam inside coming from defrost

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