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If you 1968 Ford sometimes shunts smoke in through the cab of your car and it smells like antifreeze but you think it might be CO2 what can you do?


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2017-05-22 01:27:09
2017-05-22 01:27:09

You may have an exhaust leak that is coming up through the bottom of the cab. Burning antifreeze smells different than anitfreeze in the bottle--burning antifreeze smells somewhat sweet, when i was a kid i thought it smelled like the doughnut shop. Burning anitfreeze will also make white smoke, and your coolant level will always be going down. It is often caused by a leaking head gasket. CO2 is carbon dioxide. I think you might be thinking of CO which is carbon monoxide--the oderless, deadly gas. If this gas you are talking about is coming through your heater vents, you may have a bad heater core. Either way, it needs to be fixed.

While the above statement is partly corret, in that buring anti-freeze smelling somewhat sweet, and also make white smoke come as coolant level drops, neither CO2 or CO have any particular odor. If your 68 ford was leaking coolant onto an exhaust pipe, it may cause symptoms similar to what you are describing... A fault heater core will cause you to have no heat and a wet floor, not white smoke...

I would suspect heater core. When I had that issue in a 69 Torino, the antifreeze would spray onto resistors for fan speed and fog up the windows appearing to be white smoke. It is not easy to replace a heater core, entire heater needs to be dropped down under the dashboard.


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