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If you do not intentionally hide your car from the repossession agent but you live and work in a different state can you get in trouble?


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2006-04-23 11:32:54
2006-04-23 11:32:54

If you do not hide or conceal your car can you get in trouble for not surrendering it? Are you "hiding" your NEW address from the lender? Are any of the utilities in your name? Are you working for cash? Are you 'concealing" your new phone # from the lender? Are you answering calls from the lender if they have discovered it? Most states have a law concerning "defrauding a secured creditor".


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my answer is to just go to oklahoma and just you becomes a repossession agent..........this is not real DONT DO IT.

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I am a repossession agent in Virginia it takes 2-3 months of not paying before the repossession status occurs.AnswerI am a repossession agent in Virginia it takes 1 missed payment then repossession status occurs.

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Most generally the agent must not breach the peace. There are specific laws pertaining to repossession agencies that are different in different states. However, for the most part, as long as the peace is maintained, and it is a self-help state, there is nothing more the agent must do.

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