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The 3.1 is very common for fuel injectors plugging up. Take it to an independent Garage and hvae them professionally clean the fuel injectors. The in tank additive will not solve this.

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Q: If you had 2 coil packs with the module and plug wires replaced on your 1996 Lumina and the check engine code says random misfire again how do you check which coil pack is bad?
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Where is the flasher relay on lumina mini vans?

May be part of the hazard warning module and replaced as a unit

You have check engine light flashing at 45 mph it says misfire 4 you have replaced plugwire and coil packinjecter what could it still be?

possible it could be the cam shaft position sensor or it could be the control module in the distributor.

Does the fuel pump and module cause misfire on a jeep wrangler?

No it will not cause misfire.

What would be the cause of a misfire 1 and 5 in a 2001 Ford Taurus I have replaced coils plugs plug cables and injectors?

Ignition module.

Why does my 1994 Lumina Apv 3.8L engine cut off for no reason while driving and start right back up even though I have replaced the battery and alternator?

Check the ignition control module...notorious for this problem

Your 93 lumina runs great but like the flip of a switch it will miss and not have mutch power I replaced just about everything?

Have the ignition module and coil packs checked.

Does the ignition module cause misfire when hot on a ford f150?

did you changed your thermostat? You MUST keep around 195 degree thermostat in the vehicle at ALL TIMES due to the computer system. The ignition module usually gets hot due to corroded electrical connections at the ignition module and or the module is HEAT SENSITIVE and needs to be replaced. (plug wires) Ignition misfire can produce a variety of driveability symptoms including hard starting, rough idle, hesitation....

Can a ignition module make a car shake?

If a defective ignition module, (or bad plugs/ wires) causes a misfire condition, one or more plugs won't fire. The uneven power pulses cause engine shaking.

If you have no sparkno fuel pressure and no injector pulse on 1995 lumina van what could cause this?

Could be a broken timing belt or a bad Engine Control Module.

Can you just replace the transmission control module on a 1999 dodge ram?

The transmission is controlled by the engine computer. It can be replaced.

Where is the Daytime Running Light Module Located on a 92 Lumina Euro?

The daytime running light module on the 1992 Lumina Euro is located in the fuse panel below the steering column. On certain models, this module is found behind the glove compartment.?æ

Where is located the temperature sensor on a 1992 lumina car with a 3.1 engine?

should be on right side, front of engine. at upper radiater hose, if not there check the thermostat housing!! on the 3.1 it is located by the ignition control module.

Where are the spark pluges on 2001 Chevy Lumina?

Without an engine size we guess but if you can't see them then they're under the center plastic cover of the engine. Cover will have coils,wire boots, module & plugs under it.

How can you diagnose an car engine misfire?

Misfire Faulty: spark plug, spark plug wire, ignition coil, ignition module, fuel injector are the most common. Coolant leaking into a cylinder is another. Internal engine problems such as burnt valve, broken valve spring, bent push rod, worn rings

Where is the ESC on a 90 lumina 3.1?

The ESC, Electronic Spark Control, Module is located on the radiator side of the engine block, directly beneath and screwed to the coil pack assembly.

Intermittent power window 1996 Lumina?

The intermittent power window module for your 1996 Chevy Lumina can be found inside of the driver door. You will need to remove the door panel in order to access the power window module.

Couple of questions have a 93 Chevy lumina anti lock brake light stays on what could be the problem car just recently stopped running had the ignition control module replaced still won't start?

just found out that it needed a fuel pump. engine was flooded and needed to dry up.

What causes a 2000 Ford Focus to stall at idle while in drive and misfire Have replaced O sensor and checked for vacuum leaks?

most 2000 model year focus have a fuel delivery module recall.

Looking for the antitheft module located on a 1997 Chevy lumina?

under pass seat

Where is the keyless entry module on a Chevy Lumina?

under the right rear window trim.

Ihave a no spark in your 1990 3.1 Chevy lumina you have already replaced the crank sensor the coil pack you have tried a few other computers Any help would really be appreciated?

have you tried changing the ingnition module

Have a 2000 ford explorer xlt engine light came on had it scanned got code po301what do you do next?

PO301- Cylinder One misfire could be a bad plug or wire if not that, then coil or ignition module

What is an air bag module?

IT's a module that controls the Deployment of the air bag & needs 2 b replaced when a new air bag is replaced.

Where is the ignition control module on a 1995 Chevy Lumina?

The ignition module is located under the coil pack. Follow the spark plug wires to find the coil.

How do you change an ignition module on a lumina?

the module is under the coils, unplug the wires, unbot all three coils and unbolt the module. Make sure to use plenty of dielectric grease for a good ground