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If you have a bad speed sensor in a 1999 Mercury sable could that cause problems with overdrive and the transmission?


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AnswerYes, that and more.

See "Related Questions" below for extensive coverage of replacing the vehicle speed sensor (VSS), including links to photos.

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The 1996 Ford Explorer overdrive sensor can be found on the right hand side of the transmission. The overdrive sensor will be near the front of the transmission.

I was told it was like the check engine light which means a trans problem. it could also be that your overdrive sensor is bad and not have transmission problems at all. although it can be costly to fix if you cant do it or know someone who can.

You can identify whether or not your 1997 Ford Explorer has an overdrive drum sensor by looking at the identification tag on the transmission. The identification tag will list the overdrive drum sensor.

An OD sensor determines when your vehicle is in overdrive. If the overdrive light comes on in your vehicle, then there may be a problem with the transmission.

Your transmission might automatically shift out of overdrive while driving on the interstate because of low transmission fluid. This issue might also occur because of a bad transmission sensor or overdrive sensor.

Its the sensor that regulates the overdrive on the car. Its bolted to the transmission. Its $90 bucks. If your car starts jumping RPM's on the freeway, Its bad. Change it.

The temp sensor is part of the overdrive solenoid inside the transmission, on the valvebody.

My friends car did the same exact thing. It could be your transmission sensor. I am not exactly sure what the sensor is called but it has to do with the way it shifts. Overdrive sensor maybe?

The speed sensor is at the top rear of the transmission housing.

on my 1999 ford mercury villager its on top of transmission under the van

The transmission temperature sensor is part of the overdrive solenoid, inside the transmission, on the valve body.

Could be low fluid,a bad sensor or transmission going bad.

take it to parts America have them read the codes that's begining signs of a vss vehicle speed sensor going , or tr sensor transmission range sensor

The speed sensor on a 2000 Mercury Village is found on the transmission of the vehicle. The sensor will be placed on top of the unit to read the rotations of the transaxle.

Top rear corner of the transmission.

The vehicle speed sensor is at the top rear corner of the transmission housing.

There isn't an overdrive sensor. There are pressure switches, a temp sensor, solenoids, and speed sensors.There isn't an overdrive sensor. There are pressure switches, a temp sensor, solenoids, and speed sensors.

I was told that it is the temp sensor. The car needs to be at 150 degrees. I am working on the same problem.

speed sensor on top of transmission,if the speed sensor does not work then the shift inside the trans is broken and trans will need to be rebuilt

The speed sensor is on the top rear of the transmission. It is held on by one screw.

on the transmission between the firewall and motor on top of transmission a few inches from where the half shaft goes into the transmission. if it goes bad it could cause bad shifting of trans, i replaced mine and it was a pain to get out but my transmission problems went away instantly

On the top of the transmission housing at the back corner.

There is no Cable it is a speed sensor on the transmission

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