If you have three years of undergraduate study and one year of graduate study as a result of pursuing college in India and Australia how can you obtain a graduate degree in the US?

You will not be able to get a graduate degree of any kind at most regionally-accredited institutions of higher learning in the United States until and unless you can show that you've earned a bachelors degree from a regionally-accredited institution of higher learning in the United States.

Now, that having been said, that does not mean that your credits from India and Australia have no value. It simply means that someone at a regionally-accredited college or university is going to have to review your transcript (or have you pay an agency which specializes in reviewing foreign transcripts) and then converting foreign credits into equivalent U.S. credits. Once the conversion is done they and you will be able to see if all your foreign coursework adds-up to a U.S. bachelors degree (and possibly even part of a U.S. masters degree, too).

There will probably be some deficiencies and you will probably have to take a few U.S. undergraduate courses to, in effect, "complete" your U.S. bachelors. Thereafter, some or all of your previously-earned masters credits may very well be recognized toward a U.S. masters degree. It just depends on the institution.

Talk to a counselor at a U.S. regionally-accredited college or university. Bring your Indian and Australian transcripts with you (and make sure the Indian transcript is translated into English). Ultimately, you'll have to pay to have your Indian and Australian colleges send copies of your transcript directly to the U.S. university of your choice, but for initial conversations, your copy of your transcript that you have in your files will at least get the conversation going.

It's a pain in the butt to convert the credits, but once you get it done and some regionally-accredited college or university commits to whatever U.S. credit they're equivalent to and, thereafter, puts it on your U.S. transcript, then you'll be on your way. After that, it will become easy to see what your next steps will be.