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I assume that the cooling system doesn't leak and holds the factory pressure. (Water boils at higher temps under pressure). Also that the water pump belt has been checked. This requires you to answer a few questions for yourself. When the engine is hot and running, does the cooling fan work? Your car has an electric fan behind the radiator. If it also has A/C, turn on the A/C and look at the fan to see if it's running. I would check the fuse and also the fan relay if it isn't.

Also, you don't say which engine you have, but the 3100 V6 is notorious for developing air pockets in the water jacket if the cooling system is opened (which you would have done when replacing the pump). This will keep the coolant from flowing through the radiator and will cause overheating. There is a small brass bleeder valve on top of the bypass tube that sticks out the top of the water pump housing on this engine - open it slightly by loosening the top "bolt" a couple turns with the engine running (don't remove it, and be careful of the moving belt!); if you don't get a little trickle of coolant out, there's air trapped in your cooling system. With the engine still running, leave the valve open and add coolant until a steady trickle does come out through the valve (not just a little foam). Then close the valve and add enough additional coolant to bring the bottle up to the full line. Work quickly, the engine will get hot fast with the pressure cap off. Good luck.

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Q: If you just put a new water pump in your 1994 Chevy Beretta what else could be causing it to keep overheating?
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Could my Chevy silverado valves clatter if I had a radiator problem?

Valves will clatter if the engine is overheating.Valves will clatter if the engine is overheating.

What could be causing antifreeze to come out after car shut off out of the reservoir?

The engine is overheating.

What are the overheating problems 2002 Oldsmobile alero?

a 2002 Alero could have several problems causing the overheating. Thermostat, water pump, or clogged radiator issues are the most common causes of overheating.

Where are the senors for air conditioner on 1994 Chevy bretta?

air conditioner for1994 Chevy Beretta not working is there a senor that could be bad. system is charged.

What causes a l988 Chevy beretta to run hot?

The 1988 Beretta can run hot for several reasons. The Coolant could be low, the thermostat stuck, the water pump is bad, or there could be a blown head gasket.

What causes dic to say engine power reduced on Chevy Malibu?

A warning on the dic showing an engine power reduce, indicates that there is an electrical problem with the Chevy Malibu. These issues could be worn or damaged sensors, wiring issues, a weak battery, engine overheating or stored codes that could be causing the warning.

What could cause coolant to overflow in my 1998 Honda CR-V?

Several possibilities - from easiest to most expensive: Faulty or inoperable radiator cooling fan - causing overheating. Faulty thermostat - causing overheating. Water pump failure - causing overheating. Blown head gasket - allowing exhaust gasses to escape into the cooling system and expelling the coolant.

What could be causing the heat to blow cold and then hot I have a 97 Chevy Lumina?

Could be low on coolant.

Why would a 1992 Chevy Beretta idle extremely high after it is started followed by a little jerking then mellowing out?

Could be the throttle position sensor

What could be causing a 1998 Chevy Blazer to be smelling like radiator fluid in the cab and causing windows to fog up?


Why will transmission shift into overdrive but wont stay in overdrive 1996 Chevy 3500?

The transmission for the 1996 Chevy 3500 could be jumping from overdrive for several reasons. The transmission could have a vacuum or electrical problem causing it to come out of overdrive. Or, there could be an internal valve problem causing this to happen.

Why is your 1991 Celica smoking?

There could be several reasons why a 1991 Celica is smoking. Engine oil could be on the motor to make the car smoke. The also may be overheating causing it to smoke.

Could overheating on a 1994 jeep grande Cherokee Loredo cause the overdrive to not work?

Overheating the engine shouldn't effect the transmission. Overheating the transmission could.

1992 Chevy pick-up gauge show that is overheating but there are no sign of it?

take it to a local shop that reads codes for free... could be a sensor is out

1995 Chevy blazer is overheating and there are no leaks what could be wrong and is blowing cool air out of heater vents?

A couple possibilities are: low coolant level or bad water pump. just based on overheating and no heat, sounds like the thermostat is bad or it could be the water pump thermostat

What could be causing noice at front left area and overheating?

Typically a cotton-tipped applicator will get wedged in due to the partial vapor pressure of carbon dioxide.

What makes a dashboard Clicking noise in a 2004 Chevy Classic?

where is the flasher unit on a 2004 Chevy classic? where is the flasher unit on a 2004 Chevy classic and could it be causing the clicking noise in the dash?

IF a 2000 Chevy Tracker engine shut off while driving what could be the problem?

According to my mechanic, it has something to do with the cam shaft position sensor overheating.

2004 Chevy blazer why does the check gauges light come on?

One of the gauges is telling you something is wrong. It could be it's overheating or not charging or no oil pressure.

What would cause the Temp light to come on in a 91 Chevy Lumina?

could be several things. 1st is the car actually overheating. If so then it could be a stuck thermostat or a bad water pump. If it is not really overheating my bet would be a falty temp sensor. The temp sensor is what actually tells the light to turn on.

Why is your 1993 Chevy Cavalier 4 cylinder overheating occasionally?

The thermostat may be sticking, the radiator might be clogged, the water pump could be shot, or it could simply be low on coolant. Without further information about the problem, i.e. how frequently it overheats, the conditions under which the overheating happens, I can't give you a definitive answer.

1991 Honda Accord overheating?

A 1991 Honda Accord could be overheating if the radiator has a leak. There could also be a problem with the head gasket.

Why is your Jeep Wrangler overheating?

There are many reasons why a Jeep Wrangler is overheating. A leak in the radiator system will cause overheating. Too much pressure in the engine can cause overheating. A bad water pump or thermostat could cause overheating. The transmission can also cause overheating if it is leaking.

Your polaris 600 keeps overheating within 5 minutes of riding you have checked and the radiator has fluid and you can see it flowing Does anyone know what can be causing this?

Not sure if these have one but it could be a bad thermostat.

Could your radiator be the cause of your overheating?

yes it can