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If you live with someone are they considered your husband or wife?

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2006-10-05 18:45:40

To be officially married you have to have marriage papers ad

documents.They are simply someone you live with It varies from

State-to-State. When you live with your boyfriend there is a

Statute of Limitations and at some point you will be considered

Common-law which is just as good as being married when it comes to

parting ways and wanting custody of children and dividing contents

of the home, the home and other properties. * Only a very few US

states still recognize common law marriages. Common law marriages

cannot exist in community property states (exception Texas, with

property subject to equal distribution rather than CP law) or

states that have equal marital distribution laws. Alabama,

Colorado, Washington, D.C., Georgia (unions made before 1997),

Idaho (unions made before 1996), Iowa, Kansas (over 18 with

publication of intent), Montana (publication of intent), New

Hampshire (recognized only upon the death of one party according to

probate laws), Ohio (unions made before 199), Oklahoma (publication

of intent), Pennsylvania (publication with intent and writted

declaration on file in county recorder's office); Rhode Island,

South Carolina, (declaration on file in county recorder's office);

Texas, (declaration on file before 1995 in county recorder's


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