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If he is still married to you, he is as much a citizen as you are, as separation is not the same as divorce. A marriage with a US citizen counts more than a visa does, as marriages last longer and are harder to end than visas.


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You can be deported if immigration finds you.

More info: When my visa runs out will I have to go back to my home country (Australia) or can I just go somewhere out of the UK, even just to somewhere in Europe, and come back as a tourist straight after it expires? I only want to come back for say a month and have no intention of working.

Before your tourist visa expires. There are different ways to get a longer stay by leaving the country and apply for a double entry tourist visa in Laos.

AnA tourist visa is only good for 90 days. If a tourist wanted to stay longer in the US ? He could ask for an extention 45 days before his visa expires at USCIS site.

is a british citizen can get maried to a tourist visa in the uk

The best thing to do is to apply for a B2 tourist visa before your H2B expires. That way, you do not need to leave the country before starting your tour of the US. Technically, you can leave and apply for a tourist visa in the Caribbean. Realistically, if your application is denied you will not be stuck in the Caribbean and unable to return to the US.

the department of immagration will check and they will try to figure out where you are or you can renew it

No you can't. You would more or likely get refused if you get married before getting a spousal visa after you get married. So you would need to get that visa before the wedding, while on the tourist visa.

The tourist visa is for a set time frame. You could get married, but the person would have to return home until they can get a residency visa.

A tourist is a person that travels in a place or country with a purpose to enjoy the scenery or experience its culture. And if a tourist wants to get married to a native citizen, he/she will have to undergo a lot of examinations and interviews.

hallo, visa is not required for you if you travel there on a tourist purpose

If you are married to a US citizen but your tourist visa is expired and you lost your I-94, you should immediately apply for a new visa or return to your country. Your I-94 is filed electronically, and you can get a new copy from the Department of Homeland Security. If you don't take action yourself, you may end up being deported and not allowed to return.

Go home? Becoming eighteen has nothing to do with granting you citizenship in any country. Once a tourist visa expires your presence in the country that issued the tourist visa is illegal. In most countries if you are immediately related to a citizen of the country where you are staying illegally, you may be able to apply for a different kind of visa - or if your are part of some other protected immigration category, You can either try to remain (as a criminal) or you must leave.

A US citizen can marry a foreign national on a tourist visa. The only requirement is that neither of them should already be married.

marrying on tourist visa is a bad idea. that is exactly what consulate officers look for. when you are on tourist visa, be a tourist. dont look for marriage or jobs. better tourist visa holder goes back, you go to that country, marry there and come back after applying for h4.

If the person is already married in the Philippines, that marriage would have to be legally annulled first. You can then marry the person even if she or he has a tourist visa. As long as you are a legal citizen of the U.S.A, your new wife or husband will automatically become a citizen as well.

Yes, you can change your status. You should go to the INS and apply for change of status before your current visa expires.

im on a tourist visa in the states and i plan to marry an American citizen before my visa expires. you just get a marriage certificate, then get married at a courthouse or whatever, then you need to fill in two different forms for change of status and an aplication for a green card. you may be called for an interview to investigate how the marriage came about and to detect any fraud. then after that from what i understand it takes a long time before you get your green card and can work or drive or anything. this is what i know so far. hope it helps.

Yes they come on a tourist visa and marry a Russian girl , who they found on the internet.

Years. But if you let that tourist visa expire and you are still in the country, you will never get the green card. Keep your visa current!

Get married and he can apply for a residential visa through marriage.

a domestic tourist is a tourist who travel within his/her own country, local and an international tourist is a tourist from other countries maybe from overseas e.g a tourist travelling from Brazil to south Africa he is called an international tourist.

The US courts may grant you a divorce but in the Philippines you would still be married. You will need to get an annulment of your marriage in the Philippines.

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