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If your 1997 Toyota Camry overheated because the fans stop working and now the car sputters is the engine ruined?


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2009-11-19 05:47:19
2009-11-19 05:47:19

ok iv had the smae problem im my 94 replace the therostat... cant go wrong with it only like 4 bucks and easy to install.. dont go to a mechanic! wanted 80 bucks only had to undo 2 lug nuts and placed it in poped it on and this is weird but for some reason idk y but the car will over heat a few times after words but it will stop trust me i had a friend tell me the same thing and i thought it was bull hes was being honest.. also could be the engine coil or distrubuter cap... does the car have a hard time starting up in the rain or after it rains? the termosate controls the fans... if the engine over heats let me remind u there are no heat sensers in the engine and if it gets too hot it can frie the coils... happened to me... but anyways replace the termostat... i promise a great improvment =D any more questions email me at


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If it sputters under drivers seat only aT 30 mph or over, it may be not so much speed but wind related-chk for loose undercarrage flap, exhaust system or anything directly under car for loosness-especially exhaust shields.

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